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11 PAX: Rooster, Stitches, Jack Rabbit, Demagorgon, Cheap Seats, Buns of Steel, Doll Face, Side Dish, Bovine, U-Haul, FDIC


At 5:30 FDIC waited for the PAX whom was finishing up their smurph, and then welcomed 11 PAX to a nice crisp, but still summer, morning. Explained the mission of F3, 5 core principles and reminded PAX that FDIC is not a professional and to modify as needed. FDIC congratulated those whom was determined to do the murph, and shouted ‘MOSEY’, and led the PAX down the trail, which he had not run before.

The Murph!

Run to equipment site

Did 5 sets together of 10 pullups, 20 pushups, 30 squats

(Got extremely wet from the sprinklers during the first 3 sets of pullups, and scared the sprinklers to shut off and start up on another zone.)

Ran an entire loop

Did 5 more sets together of 10 pullups, 20 pushups, 30 squats.

Did set of 15 core, every other round.

For the last set of pushups, we did hand-release merkins, to honor RedWings!

Ran back to the shovel flags


A few weekends ago I attended a men’s conference, which focused on my Christian faith. The conference was different than any I had attended previously, with 130 men, which consisted about ½ of tribal wars, and the other ½ of messages, reflection time. Etc.  As part of this, on the way to the conference we were supposed to ‘write a letter to God’.  One of the things I wrote in my letter was ‘I know this sounds selfish, but I spend so much time serving and pouring into others, is there going to be something for me at this conference?’

The conference was nearly ½ over, and even though it was great, I had not had a ‘God moment’ as one tends to have at these conferences. So I asked the question again to God ‘Do you have something for me?’ And God replies, ‘Something for you? Remember every time you pray ‘help me look at others like you see them, and help love them? Every time at this men’s conference when you prayed for someone, encouraged someone, loved someone, poured into someone, that was an opportunity I have given you to fulfill that prayer.’ And then He walked me through each of those moments and the impact it had.

The takeaway for me, and encouragement to others is, every time you pray and ask God, always come with expectation that He is working in the midst, but often, the fulfillment of that prayer is going to look different than what you think, so focus on seeing and hearing what God is wanting you to.



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