We then mosey’d back to the park, by the playground equipment
Pre Thang – Lovely Day

  • We performed SSHs to the song, “Lovely Day”, and every
    time Lovely Day was said by Bill Withers, we did a jump tuck, or did them continuously. The song is 4:15 long. He says Lovely Day around 100 times during the song. Mumble Chatter started after the first refrain, PAX members were groaning, and Khaki’s was encouraging the HIMs to keep pushing. It was a great Pre Thang, I will definitely use again.
    The Thang – Grinder Through the Park
  • As I was setting up the cones, I was talking to a lady named Michelle who said her gym was closed and that they would be working out in the park also, they stayed on the stage, which was where I had stage 1 set up. I said no problem, we will just need a little edge space.
  • We performed 8 stations of rotating working outs. I modified from having the push group push each workout group to saying, just do the workouts AMRAP and then push to the next station with your group. We
  • 1 (Stage) – Red Bull Rocky Balboa Sit Ups (Rocky IV, partner on feet) AMRAP
  • 2 (Stage) Push Group – Run up hill, then to cone and Broad jump, Contra Burpee to next cone, run on trail to station 3
  • 3 (Stage) Chicken Peckers AMRAP
  • 4 (Stage) Wall Sit AMRAP
  • 5 (Stage) DIPs AMRAP
  • 6 (Stage) pull ups AMRAP – Hang if can’t do pull ups – 7 (Stage) Gas Pumpers – AMRAP
  • 8 (Stage) Diamond Merkins – AMRAP
  • The Pax each completed one rotation at each corresponding
    exercise station and then Omaha was called. Swiper led the men back over to the grass for the 6 MOM.
    6 MOM
  • Swiper instructed the Pax we would perform The Alphabet (ABCs)
    IC. We made it through the alphabet, and there was a fair amount of mumble chatter as we got through the Alphabet, but we had some good laughs too. We ended with Sarpy Slammers IC, and did them Rancid Style around the circle, so 12 in all.

At 7:57am

– Announcements:

The Name-a-rama was completed – see above for list of those who posted.
Mark Kucera was Named Q-Tip. Welcome Q-Tip!
We discussed all of the Pop-ups around Omaha and the importance of supporting the F3 Omaha Growth
Prayer Requests:

  • Khakis prayed for Wide Right and his daughter
  • American Picker prayed for his wife’s aunt, whose funeral is today.
  • Blackjack also had some family prayers.
  • COT – What does it mean to be Rich? If I said to you, and you answered honestly, what would come to mind first? Pax members answered honestly and Swiper added a few others to think about:
  • Money, Possessions, Cars, Houses, Stocks, Bonds, 401k, Boats, Vacation or Vacation Homes…..etc.
  • Swiper challenged the Pax to change their What is True Wealth? The things that drive true wealth and happiness in our lives are Family, Love, Friendship, FELLOWSHIP
  • Remember what Christ said….Matthew 19:23-24 A rich man asked how to get into Heaven…”I tell you the truth, it is very hard for a rich person to enter the kingdom of Heaven. I’ll say it again, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, then for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God!”
  • Be rich in the things that matter. Judge your wealth on love, relationships, friendship and Family…
  • Swiper took us out in prayer, where we prayed for those Pax and their families with death and medical issues. He prayed for our growth in F3 Omaha and also that each of us can have a true and pure understanding of what it means to be Rich and chase and value those things
  • aye,
  • Swiper
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