AO – The Colosseum

Westside High School

64 degress

PAX (23): Sportiva, Sven, No Doz, Ice-T, Samples, Wide Right, Clorox, Sister Act, Buns of Steel, Space Bar, Bear Grylls, Knee Cap (FNG – Welcome!), Bubbles, Pony Express, Tender Foot, Safe Ride, Full Nelson, Suds, Super Tasty, Folsom, Walk Off, Dirty Bird, Bonnie

Q: Tin Cup

Tin cup welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30 AM. The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and 5 Core Principles were given. An inquiry about FNGs was also made, and one FNG was present. Welcome Knee Cap! Tin Cup indicated the workout was a tribute to David Lettermen and his years on late night television. During YHC’s youth (when he only had 4 channels), he would watch Letterman and at the time it was something different and dare he say, hip.

The men then made their way onto the field from the parking lot.

Warm-A-Rama: No time for Warm-A-Rama. Straight to the Pre-THANG.

Pre-THANG: On your own, the PAX performed the first 4 exercises and ran a lap. The first Omaha was call about 5:42 when all men completed the 2nd lap. 33 represents the number of years David Letterman hosted late night television talk shows.

  1. L BCs – 33
  2. A ir Squats – 33
  3. T empo Merkins – 33
  4. E 2K – 33 Total (R -16 & L – 17)

Run a Lap

  1. S houlder Taps – 33 (Total)
  2. H ydraulic Squats – 33
  3. O verhead Claps – 33
  4. W erkins – 33

Run a Lap

Rinse and Repeat

The THANG: The PAX divided into 4 groups. Each corner of the field contained a list of 4 exercises to be completed by the group. After completing the first two exercises on the list, each group would run goal line to goal line, Bear Crawl (Stupid Animal Trick) or High Skip (Stupid Human Trick) sideline to sideline to the next corner and complete 2 exercises. Groups did exercises together and were encouraged to take turns leading. In addition, 2 cowbells (the musical act) were placed near the center of the field.  At any time, a member of the PAX could run to the cowbell and ring it.  The sound of the cowbell required all members of the PAX to stop and perform 5 burpees. Omaha was called about 6:04 AM. Every group had completed Round 1 and 2.

Station 1 Bear Crawl to #2Station 2 Run to #3Station 3 High Skip Run to #4Station 4 Run to #3
Round 1 Apollo Ohnos – 20 (IC)Plank Jacks – 20 (IC) Round 2 1. Mountain Climbers – 20 (IC) 2. Groiners – 20 Rinse & RepeatRound 1 Air Squats – 20Bobby Hurley’s – 20 Round 2 1. Monkey Humpers – 20 (IC) 2. Jump Squats – 20 Rinse & RepeatRound 1 Merkins –  20Shoulder Taps – 20 (IC) Round 2 1. Werkins – 20 2. Dry Docks – 20 Rinse & RepeatRound 1 LBCs – 20 (IC)Freddie Mercury’s – 20 (IC) Round 2 1. Big Boy Sit Ups – 20 2. Box Cutters – 20 (IC) Rinse & Repeat

Mumblechatter: It was pretty quiet during the Pre-Thang. In hindsight, maybe a short Warm-A-Rama would have been a good idea.

The cowbells were silent until about half way through the THANG. It rang about 4 times.


  • American Hammers – Rancid Style (24)

Circle of Trust (COT):

From the Home Office is Wahoo, Nebraska, Tin Cup presented his Top 10 Good and/or Bad things about F3. And if it was not a top 10 list could he do this (wave card)?

#10. As result of F3, the following items can be in my car at anytime: a headlamp, 3 pairs of gloves, 2 stocking caps, 2 gaiters, a rain jacket, 2 towels, a sweatshirt, 2 extra T-shirts, orange cones, a cinder block (i.e. coupon), and as of today, 2 cow bells.

#9. The strange and confused look on my 2.0’s and M’s faces the first time during dinner when I describe an epic beat down given to the PAX by Khakis that morning.

#8. I can wake up before 7:00 AM on a Saturday morning, post at the Oracle and burn over 500 calories in an hour, and Wentworth still makes me feel lazy because he pre-ran, rucked and completed the same workout.

#7. The feeling I had the first time I did burpees in over 25 years. You know the feeling.  You start out like a bat out of hell and after about 4 you say to yourself…this is F-ing hard. After 7, you can barely breathe, and the 10th burpee looks nothing like a burpee at all.

#6. The Iron PAX and CSAUP. Seriously, what are we doing and why do they F-ing exist?

#5. Because of F3, Brooks shoes now have a steady revenue source.

#4. On February 16, 2021 I had the opportunity to Q the Coliseum when it was NEGATIVE 25 degrees. That was really awesome.

#3. The fact that I bought a Late Nate with David Letterman T-Shirt and 2 cowbells solely for the purpose of this workout. Cool or pathetic?

#2. F3 is very reasonably priced.

And, the number 1 thing about F3 according to Tin Cup is:

#1. 1) It’s open to all men, 2) It’s always held outside, 3) It’s free, 4) It’s peer lead in a rotating fashion, and 5) We always end in a circle of trust.

We ended in prayer.

Aye – Tin Cup

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