The Oracle

July 31st 2021

Aldrich Elementary

70 degrees and cloudy

PAX: Vandelay (Respect), Doge Coin, Tonight Show, Cheap Seats, Folsom

YHC — Thomas

I arrived early to set up and to pick up a key element of the workout to be delivered by Wait Time.  I spotted the medicine ball, but upon seeing the 20 on the label, I realized the workout may have just ramped up a bit.  With limited time to change, I knew we’d just have to modify as necessary.

At 7 AM sharp I welcomed 3 PAX to the 7 AM edition of The Oracle and gave the mission statement, core principles and credo along with a disclaimer that I am not a professional and to modify as necessary as there is a real chance of injury today.  At this point I was running through several options in my mind for the beatdown as the original plans were based on more PAX.  Fortunately, as the PAX began their mosey they were joined by two additional PAX that had just completed the 6 AM edition.  This made an even six for the morning and would work out just fine.


We jogged over to the big parking lot across from Aldrich and performed warm-o-rama

SSH – 20 IC

During SSHs I realized that I had forgot to share an important detail before the workout and so I announced it during warm-a-rama.   For each train whistle that was heard, the PAX would perform 10 burpees (Narrator: There were no train whistles this morning) 

Tappy Taps — 15 IC

Big Ones – 15 IC

Sun Gods – 10 IC Forward and Back

Cherry Pickers – 15 IC

This concluded warm-a-rama and the PAX took a mosey back past Aldrich on to the trail to an open grass area for the pre-thang.

Pre-Thang – The PAX split into three pairs for a round of Black Jack.  They started by a set of cones near the trail for a single merkin, and then ran to a set of cones on the other side of the field for air squats.  The PAX progressed through the beatdown until they were up to 20 merkins and just a single air squat.  

The pairs Al Gored till the six was in, at which point we moseyed back to Aldrich for the Thang.

The Thang:  We gathered in the grass field behind Aldrich and I announced to the PAX that we’d be playing a game of Ultimate Medicine Ball.  I shared the ground rules, basically just like Ultimate Frisbee except with a medicine ball.  I also strongly advised not to try to throw it overhand unless you wanted to tear your rotator cuff.  

At this point we were split into two teams.  Thomas, Cheap Seats and Vandelay all had blue shirts on, so they were one team.  Doge Coin, Tonight Show and Folsom had a bit more variety in their fitness wear and so they became the other team.

We set an additional rule that giving up a score would produce a 5 merkin penalty, and from there we were off.  

Both teams took a bit to get used to the 20 lb medicine ball flying at them, but eventually strategies were formed and points were scored.  The friendly competition lasted until Omaha was called at 7:46 AM.  We picked up the field and moseyed back to the shovel flags.


The PAX circled up and performed several core exercises:

LBCs – 20

Rosalitas – 15

Box Cutters – 15

Starfish Crunches – 15

American Hammers – 25


We shared the launch of two new AOs next week, the Stormbreaker near Werner Park on Monday and the Helix in Hillsborough Park on Tuesday.  There are also several pop-ups still happening along with Hump Day Happy Hour next Wednesday and First Friday lunch coming up.  Also, last day to sign up for the Brush Up project with Thor.  We also had prayers for Escobar and his son who has been in the hospital as well as for Doge Coin who was mourning the loss of a friend.


I’ve been listening to the Glue-Oom podcast and enjoying hearing the stories of the great HIM of F3 Omaha, including a couple in attendance this morning.  I’ve really enjoyed hearing how the mission and values of F3 are so important and how we strive to live up to the mission.

In particular I’ve been thinking lately about our credo of “Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him”.  We often say this at a beatdown and it’s easy to associate this to the 6 at a workout.  But for me the beauty of F3 is not that we leave no man where we found him physically, it also applies socially and spiritually.  And each of us may be accelerating in some facets of life, but we could be the 6 in others.  At a workout it’s easy for us to identify the 6 and ensure we’re picking them up.  But away from the workout it’s harder to see who is struggling in marriage, or as a dad or at work or in their relationship with the creator.  

The great thing about F3 is that we take our mission and values to heart and you can trust that if you are struggling in those areas that the men of F3 Omaha will not leave you behind nor will they leave you where they found you, but you will need to trust them and reach out.  So I encouraged those at the beatdown, and those reading this today, to know that we’re here for you and to reach out if you need help.

With that I closed in prayer.



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