July 29, 2021//Swanson School//AO-The Coop//84 Smothering degrees//

10 Pax: Hoosegow, Tin Cup, Betamax, Stella, Buns of Steel, Bloodshot, Spacebar, Wide Right, Safe Ride, and Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered at the Shovelflags, at exactly 05:30, Folsom welcomed the PAX with the mission statement, the 5 core principles, a disclaimer that he was not a professional, even though in his mind he really is. Then he began the beatdown by asking 2 PAX to carry two coupons from the back of his RAV4 down the hill to the soccer field, Betamax complained that we were already 2 minutes into the workout and we weren’t working out. Folsom waited to the end of the workout to ask if he wanted 2 more minutes of exercise. The answer was a definite no!

Warm O’ Rama 05:30

  • ¼ mile mosey
  • Butt Kickers ICx20
  • Sprinklers, ICx12
  • Mountain Climbers ICx15
  • Tempo Merkins, ICx10
  • Tappy Taps ICx10
  • Copper Head Squats ICx12

The Thang: Fit AF aprox. 05:40

  1. Station 1, the Push group:
    1. Speed Skate across the soccer field along the 3 cones which were placed 10 yards apart (touch the ground with your hand each time you cross your legs over)
    1. Stop at each cone and do 3 Burpees
    1. After Burpees at the third cone run up the hill to Station 2 to start the push
  2. Station 2, the Wall Group
    1. 60 count wall sit
    1. 30 count Balls to the Wall
    1. 10 Mule Kicks
    1. Repeat until pushed
  3. Station 3, Legs Group:
    1. 20IC Copperhead Squats
    1. 20IC Monkey Humpers
    1. 10 Lunges per leg
    1. Repeat until pushed
  4. Station 4, the Coupon group:
    1. 7 Traveling Merkins (Right hand on coupon, left hand on ground, Merkin, move both hands on coupon, move left hand on Coupon, right hand on ground, Merkin=1) try not to put your knees on the ground (I found no knees impossible the 2nd time around)
    1. 20 Vertical Coupon Press (lay flat on back hold coupon so it’s verticle and bench press it up, try not to hit your face)
    1. 10 Thrusters with Coupon
    1. Repeat until pushed

6 (pretty damn close) MoM 30/60/90 pyramid 06:03

  • The following exercises were performed AMRAP for 30 seconds each, with a short rest after 30 then 60, then 90, then 60, and finally 30 seconds.
  • WWI Sit Ups (Straight Legs) 30 seconds, rest, then
  • WWI Sit Ups 30 seconds then
  • Left Leg bent 90 degrees, sit up and twist towards knee, 30 seconds, rest, then
  • WWI Sit Ups 30 seconds then
  • Left Leg bent sit ups 30 seconds then
  • Right Leg bent sit ups 30 seconds then rest
  • Left Leg bent 30 seconds then
  • Right Leg bent 30 Seconds, rest, then
  • Right Leg bent 30 Seconds, rest
  • This was an absolute smokefest for the abs of the PAX. Great finish to Folsom week!

Mumblechatter: There wasn’t much heard by YHC. Probably because I was breathing too hard to hear, but maybe because everyone else was breathing too hard to talk. This seems as good as place as any to give credit to Andrea with FAF. She leads a similar workout group for women, many of them M’s of F3 guys, but it’s not a requirement. She was nice enough to invite some of us men to her Saturday workout at Swanson back in the spring. I was out of breath through most of her workout too. What I took from her was the Speed Skate push, and having the stations close together. I placed all but station 2 approximately 10 yards apart. The idea being that there was no slow mosey to catch your breath. The one mosey was after Skaters and Burpees and it was much needed, but it was about 60 yards and mostly up hill, so it didn’t lead to much recovery. My heartrate was 80% or higher for most of that 23 minutes of the Thang. I also stole the 30/60/90/60/30 abs pyramid. Just a fantastic way to burn your abs completely out! Thanks Andrea!

COT: Before a Saturday afternoon conversation with Spacebar, Folsom thought he was only the Q at Cornhusker Handicap this week. Spacebar pulled up the master schedule and saw Folsom not only on Tuesday, but also Wednesday (Heavy Metal), and Thursday (The Coop). Spacebar offered to get someone else to Q Heavy, which honestly, would have been a good idea. But Folsom has been focusing on saying yes to new challenges. Q-ing 3 different workouts in 3 consecutive days is the kind of challenge Folsom wants in his life! It’s through challenges and even failures that we grow and learn and get better. Folsom urges the PAX of F3 Omaha to say yes more. Don’t say no just because something is hard or even ridiculous. Say yes to challenges, Folsom did this week and he’s proud to say he came out stronger and better for it!

Aye- Folsom

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