Temp: 81°. Humid with a bit of a welcome breeze. ‘Feels like’- 86°

Pax: Rooster, Othello, Dome (Hate), Black Jack, Black Flag, Z-bo, Bartholomew, Demogorgon, KC, Bovine, Stitches, AMC (Hate), Frosty, and Mac N’Cheese (Hate).

QIC: U-Haul

YHC arrived at 0446. Early enough to see the 5k runners take off, prepare the site, and enjoy the occasional breeze that visited the top of the hill. With what seemed to be a week of intense beatdowns across Omaha, YHC was in desire of more energy. However, it was galvanizing to think of leading the HIM that show up to Futurama and the plans for the beatdown ahead. That brought a smile to the Q’s face and quicker pace to his step.

There was a choice to be made on whether to include the small wall at the bottom of the stairs after traveling from the Large Memorial wall. Luckily, Site-Q Mac N’Cheese was also present and reassured that YHC, the first landing after the top of the stairs was a better distance to cover for stations in The Thang. Beyond that point, it was a little too much distance thus sacrificing rotation of exercises.

[0530] 1-2min

The Opener: Presented the 3 F’s of F3. Stated the mission statement, the 5 core principles, and the disclaimer. Which was more important today due to the heat advisor warning. There’s a real risk of injury so please modify as needed. No FNG’s.


Mosey: North around the Wall to the Rose Garden

Warm – a – rama: (Checkpoints) 5-6min

Check point one: Rose Garden  

20 SSH (IC)

12 Tappy Taps (IC)

15 High Knees (IC)

Check point two: Mosey to the bottom of the most western stairs.

20 Sun Gods (IC)

15 Mountain Climbers (IC)

15 Sit Thrus (IC)

Da Rulk performing Sit Thrus

YHC took inspiration for the Pre-Thang from his first beatdown at Futurama Q’d by Toadstool. An excellent beatdown and an excellent Q. Toadstool had core stations and bear crawling up the hill on the Western Lawn. This was the perfect opportunity to get some Sit Thrus in. An exercise YHC stole from Da Rulk.(Google him. It’s worth it.)

[0538] Pre-Thang: 6-8 min

Start at the bottom of the Hill.

5 Burpees. Bear Crawl up to first marker.

5 Sit thrus. Sprint to second marker.

5 Sit thrus. Crawl Bear to the top.

10 Jungle man squat jumps (D) at top. Crawl Bear down hill.

5 Sit thrus. Sprint.

5 Sit thrus. Bear Crawl.

5 Burpees at the Bottom.

With a few of the PAX beginning to flag by this point, YHC was cautious about the heat and humidity by continuously checking in with the them and reminding them to modify as needed. It is the Q’s responsibility to look after the PAX and to look for the difference between being gassed from a good exercise set and in physical danger.

Mosey to the Shovel Flags for The Thang.

[0546] The Thang:  Push Group Grinder. 22 min.

Count off in 4’s. 4 Push Stations.

“We are going to separate into 4 Push Groups, but we are going to grind out the numbers as an entire PAXs. So before you push on to the next station, let the incoming group know what number you got too. Don’t let the higher reps fool you. There are higher reps to accommodate every group getting some time in with that exercise at that location.”

After YHC explained the People’s Chair Mod(a wall exercise on one sheet), the PAX split up. He was very curious to know how this was going to shake out. He had been curious and doubtful at times a push group grinder was going to work. It was not easy. A lot of counting and sweat. In hindsight, 150 – 200 proved to be enough reps per set so the entirety of the PAX got in on that exercise in rotation at least once before it moved on. The PAX made it half way down the each sheet before Omaha was called.

Station 1 – The Wall Station – On the Memorial wall.

  • 150 Aussie Mountain Climbers (IC)
  • 200 Merkins (D)
  • 150 Chicken Peckers (IC)
  • 150 People’s Chair Mod / Over Head Claps (IC)
  • 150 Donkey Kicks (U)
  • 200 Werkins (D)

Rinse and Repeat

Station 2. Southwest to sidewalk

  • 200 Monkey Humpers (IC)
  • 200 Bobby Hurleys (D)
  • 200 Johnny Dramas on the curb (IC)
  • 200 Squats (D)
  • 150 Copperhead Squats (IC)

Rinse and Repeat

Station 3 Push Station. On the first landing of the stairs

  • 10 Box jumps (U) PUSH
  • 15 Derkins (D) PUSH
  • 20 Dips (D) PUSH
  • 10 Burpees (D) PUSH

Rinse and Repeat

Station 4 On the grass just east of the statue

  • 200 Big Boys (U)
  • 200 Groiners (U)
  • 200 Flutter Kicks (IC)
  • 200 American Hammers (IC)
  • 200 LBC’s (IC)

Rinse and Repeat.

Once again YHC reminded everyone by calling out to Modify as needed due to the heat and amount of sweat stains that accumulated on the sidewalks without being on our six. Just before the call for Omaha, YHC could see that the PAX was very gassed and taking longer recovery counts. That’s when it was time and..

Omaha was called at [0608]


COT: 5 min



Starfish expansion continues with 3 new sites launching starting next week. F3 Stormbreaker(Monday), F3 Helix(Tuesday), F3 Mainstage(Wednesday). Go out and support them as they launch their sites.

FIA Omaha has it’s launch August 7th at 7am and the August 14th at 7am. They want to see a big turn out so make it so your M can go. More info on SLACK and Twitter at the F3Omaha handle.

Tomorrow is weigh in for Queen Service.


Prayers for Frosty’s M, Do-Ray-Mi, as she is going to lead a beatdown for FIA and is feeling nervous and excited about it.


“When I was a boy, I was changing a light bulb with my father. It was late, my father still had on his BDU’s from a long day and we were changing the bulb in my room. And in the middle of switching out bulbs, I dropped one and it shattered and I looked up at my Dad who had looked down at me and he said “Jerk” in the most scathing spit of disgust I had ever heard.

Years later, after hearing that story, my therapist in college said that the reason I could not start on any lengthy project or paper was because I was so afraid any little mistake would shatter the whole thing. ‘Dropping light bulbs’ he called it.

There is a section at the end of a book called High Perfomance Habits by Brendan Bruchard called Trap #2 DISSATISTACTION. And in it he addresses the long-standing cultural sensibility that says we should never be satisfied with our work because satisfaction somehow equals complacency or the Goo another F3 term. He makes a case that Satisfaction must accompany striving for optimal performance.

The part of F3 that kept me coming back here the first week is the encouragement I heard and hear from all of you every day that I’m out here. Even when I can’t make it through the Warm-a-rama without modifying.

We can allow ourselves to feel contentment whether or not a thing is complete or “perfect”. It took me until my mid-30’s to give myself credit for risks that I had taken. MID 30’s. Play is not indulgent; it’s crucial to creativity, health, healing and happiness. You won’t lose passion by feeling better. Life is short, so decide to enjoy it.”



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