7-23-21 //AO- The Woodshed//73 degrees//

Pax: Jeeves, Sportiva, Buns of Steel, Smashmouth, Blackjack, Stitches, Safe Ride, Mr. Rodgers, Thing 2, Pony Express, Icy Hot, Ruckspin, FNG(Tardy), Greek Freak. 

Q: Greek Freak

Warm O’ Rama: Ran to stairs next to field.

  • Side, Straddle, Hop ICx14.
  • Sun Gods ICx14 (forwards and backwards)
  • Carolina Drydocks x14
  • Big Boys x14
  • Cherry Pickers ICx14
  • Merkins ICx14
  • Copperhead Squats x14
  • Monkey humpers ICx14


  • Split into 4 teams. First person ran up the stairs and performed 14 jump squats and back to team as they did Mountain climbers/Alt. Shoulder taps/Freddy Merc. First team to finish with all members won. 

The Thang: Team Sprints/Workouts:Run across soccer field as a team and perform x50 of one exercise(Big Boys, Squats, Merkins, LBCs, Dry Docks, Single Leg Lunges) and run back to the other side of the field and perform x14 of another exercise(Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Jump Tucks, Hydraulic Squats, Gas Pumpers, Alt. Shoulder Taps). Continue back and forth down the list of exercises as a team allowing for one person to make up reps of another pax if needed.  

6 MOM:Flutter Kicks X14 IC, Low Dollys X14 IC, American Hammers X 2 Per PAX Rancid Style IC = 34 total(Greek Freak’s Jersey Number)

COT: We did sets of 50 and 14 during our workout because Greek Freak had 50 points and 14 rebounds in the final NBA game this season to win the NBA title for his team. Greek Freak said in a recent interview after going down 0-2 in the finals and getting his team back to a 2-2 finals series, “When you focus on your past, that’s your ego. When you focus on your future, that’s your pride. When you focus on the present, that’s humility”. 

He was asked how he keeps his balance and mindset after all the ups and downs of the playoffs the Milwaukee Bucks had been through. He mentioned when focusing on what he had done in the past, he caught himself not working as hard to accomplish more in the present. When looking to the future, he was tricking himself into believing he could make things better after not performing well previously. When he focused on the present moment, it gave him the humility he needed to always want to accomplish more without settling. 

In many ways this is what many of the PAX encourage each other to do on a daily basis. Embrace the now and don’t allow yourself to think you’ve made it. Life is a constant battle and we can’t get better in the future unless we do the work in the now moment. 

FNG Tardy showed up for American Hammers after being EH’d and assured participation by Honey Stinger who fart sacked(Rick Roll). He moseyed 4 miles on his own, as he showed up just late enough to miss us moseying to the field and couldn’t find us until the end of the workout. This made for a good laugh to end the workout. -Greek Freak

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