Zorinsky Lake | Weather: 73 but Dang humid

PAX: Fine Print, Crab Cakes, Ketchup, Life Line, T-ball, Dr. Thunder, Cheap Seats, Ruxpin, Escobar, Barn Door, Thomas, Patchy Adams, Big House, Hawg, Wax On, Overtime, Boomerang

Co-Q: Black Jack, Gunner

Black Jack welcomed all Pax at 5:30 am. He Stated the 5 Core Principles and standard disclaimer while Gunner provided F3 Mission statement. There were no FNGs in attendance this morning so the gang moseyed out for Phase 1

Warm-O-Rama Phase 1 – The Pax paired up over in the east side parking lot by the first soccer field. There was a dirt path hill that was used as part of Phase 1.

A quick 2-Man Grinder for warmarama. One Pax ran up the hill and back, while the other Pax AMRAP 

  1. Imperial Walkers
  2. Mountain Man Pooper
  3. Peter Parker Merkins
  4. Absolutions – 8 Count
  5. Turkish Get Ups

After completing 5 sets, the group moseyed south-bound, over to the south Zorinsky Lake Trail and up the hill for phase 2.

Phase 2 – Staying in pairs, the Pax tandem wheel barrowed 700 feet in distance to 156 street and back. Pax could change out on wheel  barrowing by doing 5 merkins. Pax did modify on the way back.

Mountain Climbers were performed til the 6 was in.

After Phase 2 was complete- the group moseyed west on Zorinsky Lake Trail towards the shovel flags but stopped along the wood fence.

Phase 3 – Along the wood fence

Pax lined up and performed

  1. 21 Donkey Kicks (2 sets)
  2. 21 Dips (2 sets)
  3. 15 IC Chicken peckers

Omaha called at 6:02am

Mary –

20 Big Os

15  IC Inverted Toe Touches

Capt. Thors 1:4 up to 5 & 20


Shovel Flag passes this week- The Maize and Canyon

Informed Pax about addition Slack channels for additional F3 information

Announced Brush Up on August 27


With all the growth and expansion of work out locations throughout Omaha, never forget the F3 fundamentals. Say good morning, be engaging, pick up the six and remember I am Third. Remember that you are more than just a “member of a work-out group.”

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