July 28, 2021/AO – Danger Zone/Temperature: A humid 75 degrees.

Pax: Rooney, Tony The Tiger, Zorro, Firewalker, Chernobyl, Double Dip, Gobbler, Biff, Schrute, Fun Dip, Thomas, Baby Shark, Ear Tag, Girl Dad, Arch, Feeny, Safe Ride.

Q: Safe Ride

Safe Ride rolled up to the Danger Zone at 4:50am to scout this badass AO and set up for today’s festivities.  It was pretty dark on the field but TCLAPS to Rooney for popping on the stadium lights right before kicking off.  Safe Ride returned to the shovel flag and greeted the PAX promptly at 5:15am.  The Mission Statement, 5 core principles, and Disclaimer were given.  The PAX then moseyed from the shovel flag to the football field.


The PAX moseyed 1 lap around the track and circled up at midfield for warm-a-rama:

  1. SSH
  2. Tappy Taps
  3. Windmills
  4. Sun Gods
  5. Goofballs
  6. Mountain Climbers


The PAX then moseyed to the north endzone for the Pre-Thang.  100 yard Sprints!  This was done 6 times. 


Now that the PAX were good and lathered up it was time to move on to the Thang (3-man grinder).  HIMs were positioned at each endzone of the football performing AMRAP exercises, with the push running the length of the field to relieve the partner.  Since these were AMRAP, each member of the team performed each exercise.  Here is a list of what was performed:

South Endzone:

G – Groiners

O – Overhead Claps

B – Burpees

B – Bobby Hurleys

L – LBCs

E – E2K

R – Rosalitas

North Endzone:

B – Burpees

L – Lunges

I – Imperial Walkers

M – Merkins

P – Plank Jacks

S – Squats

Rinse and repeat until Safe Ride called Omaha at 5:50am.  The PAX moseyed to mid-field for Mary.


The PAX performed the following exercises for Mary:

  1. Box Cutters
  2. Flutter Kicks
  3. LBCs
  4. Frozen Freddy Mercuries
  5. Sarpy Slammers


On this date, July 28, in 1943 President Roosevelt ordered that coffee rationing was over.  The rationing began on November 29, 1942.  It wasn’t due to a lack of product but more so due to lack of means to ship large quantities of what was considered an unnecessary luxury during wartime.  It was also a concern that US merchant ships would be targeted by German U-boats.  The rationing condition, families were limited to 1 pound of coffee every 5 weeks.

A lot of life lessons can be learned from the greatest generation.  There were a ton of sacrifices made for the greater good.  During WWII, Americans became accustomed to rationing rubber, gasoline, cheese, clothing and all sorts of goods.  Today, I get irritated when Starbucks is out of Sweet & Low and I’m “forced” to substitute with Splenda.  All joking aside, F3 pushes me to sacrifice time, money, blood, etc… for the greater good.  That’s what makes this group great.  We volunteer at the food bank, raise money for a scholarship, donate blood.  I’m fortunate in life to have the ability to give back and sacrifice.  I encourage all of you to do so as well.  You’d be surprised how rewarding it really is. 


  • 3rd F opportunity, the Brush UP project.  Check Slack for details and/or reach out to Thor.
  • F3 Omaha continues to expand/starfish.  That means we need more PAX on the Q schedule.
  • TAPS for Escobar and his 2.0
  • TAPS for Haggis and his family
  • TAPS for Safe Ride and his aunt.

Gobble took us out in prayer.

Much love!!

Safe Ride

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