Regency| 70 degrees and horribly humid. Low O2 in the air

PAX: Icy Hot, TC, PK, Second Chance, Honey Stinger, Waterboy, Tenderfoot, Skidz, Stitches, Finkel

Q: Gunner

Gunner started at 5:15am with the F3 greeting. The Q stated the F3 Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles and the disclaimer. Afterwards, the Pax moseyed out to the North toward West Roads Mall

The run route was North on Regency Pkway and Warmarama was conducted under the bridge

Warm- O- Rama

Pax lined up under the bridge with a steel beam above.  We Bernie Sanders up the slope, grapped onto the steel beam and did either 8 pull ups or 8 “crunches” (hold the beam and lift feet to touch the beam)

We performed 4 sets of this and moseyed East-bound to the West Roads Upper parking ramp.

First Stop – At the West Roads Upper parking ramp

We formed teams of 3 and executed (4) 200 ft of sprints.

First man start at Cone 1 and sprints to Cone 2. Second Man sprints back to Cone 1 and Third man sprints.  

Sprinters left the cone once their partner passed the line. Small rest and other 2 team member did their sprint laps.

All Pax did 4 total sprints, and we mosey North on 98th street on outer loop of the parking lot.

Second Stop– Sprint session 2. Same as first stop. After all Pax performed their 4 sprints we moseyed west along Nicholas Street, curved at the Bus Stop and southerly on 102nd street.

Third Stop –  Another sprint stop.  4 sprints. Then moseyed.

Moseyed back south on 102nd around on California and stopped at the rocks.

At the Rocks – Pax lined up along the curb and bear crawled up and crawled bear down. 2 sets

We moseyed back to the shovel flags and there was not sufficient time for Mary.

Total distance was reported at 3.1 miles


Shovel Pass on Saturday for The Canyon and Oscar Mike. 6AM and 7am

Brush On Omaha volunteers for August 27. Contact Thor

Expansion locations

Access to additional Slack Channels


For Escobar’s son Walker

COT –Gunner shared with the group an experience of a work incident in which an honest mistake was made by someone and the personal gratitude and relief I had that is wasn’t my fault. I didn’t think about how badly this other person felt and my satisfaction of the moment quickly turned. This was a wrong time to be joyful especially when someone else felt so terrible over an honest and unintentional mistake.  Don’t ever take joy over someone else’s misery. It is so wrong.

Closing Prayer

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