Pax: #13; Frosty, Two Step, U-Haul, Sleep Number, Rooster, KC, Gunner, Dome, Dollface, Othello, Black Jack, Polaroid, Spreadsheet

Q: Spreadsheet
0530: Q welcomed PAX by the shovel flags and reminded them of the Fs, the mission and core principles of F3.
No FNGs presented.
He also disclaimed his nonprofessional status.
Mosey: to the playground

Warm O’ Rama


Sun Gods

Tappy Taps

Big Ones

Pax circled up counted into four groups of 3 for a 3 man grinder with station 1 being located at the pull up bars and station 2 being located by the Soccer nets.

Pull-ARAMA (AMRAP until relieved)


Standard Pull up

Pansey- Pull up with 90 degree leg raise

Reverse Grip Pull Up

Wide Grip Pull Up


Push-ARAMA (AMRAP until relieved)



Ranger Merkin

Diamond Merk


Station 3: Push – Before relieving Push-ARAMA complete 10 air squats

Omaha was called and we returned to the shovel flags

6 M of M
Flutterkicks- 15

Big Boys-15

American Hammers Rancid Style

Announcements: New sites opening up and popups. Shovel passes.

Prayer Requests:
Dome’s grandfather

Spreadsheet’s grandfather

Toadstool’s father

Other prayers in the PAX heart

With my grandfather being in hospital this week I’ve had a chance to reflect on his as well as my other grandfather contributions in my life.  Both men would have loved being in F3.  They are some of the biggest role models in my life.  Both are community minded and would do anything for their families.  They were both successful businessmen within their fields but their careers are not what defined them.  They’ve done everything that they could for all of their grandkids and have been instrumental in my “manhood training” as one of them called it.  While I may not yet be at the stage in life to have grandkids or even children yet, the lessons I’ve learned from them and seeing the same sort of men at F3 provides me a blue print on being the man I ultimately want to be.  You are role models not only to your children and grandchildren but also to members of the PAX.  Keep being that beacon on the hill and helping others find the best path forward by shining light and being that HIM role model.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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