Reinvigorating leadership into the future

F3 – Fitness Fellowship and Faith

“Today we are focusing on the First F Fitness”

PAX present: Gobbler, Ear Tag, Ferdinand, Flowers, High Life, Boiling Point, Skittles, Schrute, KOA, Nugent, Bear Grylls, Animal House, Frosty

On the Co-Q: Professor, Grease Fire

The Qs spent 

Mission Statement

“To plant, grow and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership”


“I am not a professional – all exercises are merely a suggestion, please modify as needed.  From this point on there is a real risk of injury so please be safe” 

5 Core Principles


        Open to all men

        Peer led

        Always outside

        End with COT (Circle of Trust)

Any FNG’s?

After the formalities we found a place to circle up and started Warm-a-rama, called out by Professor counted by Grease Fire


         15 Cherry pickers IC

         15 Big Ones IC

         15 Tappy Taps

         10 Tie Fighters IC


Parking space relay: PAX counted off in 2 groups. The groups lined up opposite each other for a relay around the parking spaces

         Each PAX would AYG down the side of the parking space to the mid-line, shuffle to the other side, Bernie down the other side. The trick is to wait for your group member to finish one space before taking off. This continued for 17 parking spots, between lights in the parking lot. Once everyone finished 5 Bonnie Blairs IC. Repeat the relay back the start, finish with 5 more Bonnie Blairs IC.

   Mosey off the pavement and on to the rocks for the thang.


Good ole fashioned grinder: Group 1 stayed at the start to AMRAP an exercise while Group 2 moseyed up the hill  to complete 5 Oh No’s IC and come back.

AMRAP exercises as follows:  Copperhead Squat, Merkin, Lunges, Alternating Shoulder Taps, Sumo Squat, Sun Gods

After 1 complete round the read 6:10, Omaha was called. Mosey back to the flags for Mary.


         11 WW 1

         26 LBC

         15 Sarpy Slammers Rancid Style


Announcements & Prayers:

         – Taco ride and live music at Bellevue Berry Farm featuring Shenanigans

         – Popups happening 

         – Gold Scramble this week


 Mission of F3 is to ‘Reinvigorate male community leadership.’ When we walk into the gloom and see some many men of our generation working along side us it’s easy to see the leadership of this generation growing, but we need to also invigorate the next generation. Don’t forget about mentees, 2.0s, nephews, cousins when invigorating leadership. Professor didn’t come to just hang out with dad today, he came to see and learn that he is a leader and cultivate relationships to pour into his life. We can’t stop the reinvigoration with us we have to continue the momentum into the future.

Prayer – Grease Fire

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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