36 Pax: Cheap Seats, Ice T, Starkist (HATE!), Tuna Fish, Stitches, UHaul, Moon Man, Cataracts, Dome, Ketchup, Speed Trap (FNG, HATE!), Pioneer, Straight Flush, Whirlybird (FNG), Vandelay (Respect), Patton (Respect), Chucky, Merch, Tubesocks, Thor, Grillz, No Doze, Bubbles, Good Life, Swiper, Packer, Rip Tide, Wide Right, Othello, Doppler, Monikal, Bartholomew (HATE!), Khakis, Italian Job

QIC: Birdman and Pantyhose

Pax gathered at 5:30. Birdman and Pantyhose welcomed the Pax, gave mission statement, reviewed the 5 core principles and gave the disclaimer. Birdman also explained that he and Pantyhose had played golf the day before and due to some solid recruiting by Birdman, Pantyhose agreed to co-Q the workout. (Actually, it didn’t take much convicing.)

Pax Mosey’d over to basketball court and Pantyhose led them in the following: 
SSH x 20 IC
Cherry pickers x 15 IC
OH clap x 15 IC
Seal claps x 15 IC
Big ones 10 right/left 2x
Hang toe reach 10 sec 2x

Birdman and Pantyhose divided the Pax into 2 teams on the basketball court and explained that each team would form asingle file line opposite sides of hoop providing enough room to complete burpees. 
1 pax shoots, gets rebound, then passes to next guy in line.
Rest of pax do burpees until a total of 15 free throws are made between both teams.

This was a pathetic display of free throw shooting from the Pax. Absolutely embarrassing performances. Only 5 free throws were made with over half of the Pax having already had their shot. Birdman and Pantyhose knew modification was necessary so time was called after the last “shooter” in each line and Pax performed 10 more burpees as a group. The pax need to grab a basketball and do some practicing! 

Thang (stolen from Sparty. Thanks Sparty!)
Pax mosey’d to the “Murph” playground and divided into groups of 3.
1st partner held a Pull Up position on a bar. 2nd partner performed lunges
and 3rd partner ran to the a cone along the sidewalk and back.
Pax rotated as follows: Pull up position to runner, Lunge to pull up, runner to lunge.

There was a lot of moaning and complaining from the Pax during the thang. And at one point, Khaki’s mentioned to Birdman that we needed to switch it up at some point because the Pax would be too gassed to finish. Khaki’s displeasure was Birdman’s complete pleasure. 

After approx. 20 mins. Birdman stopped the madness and led the Pax in some LBC’s before moseying back to the parking lot where Pantyhose led the Post Thang and Mary.

Post Thang
Pax mosey’d back to school for wall exercises
Alternated between BTTW and wall sits 1 count each PAX.

Mary – several ab exercises and finished w hammers


I (Birdman) informed the Pax that I had read a backblast from the week prior in which Othello spoke about how grateful he was for his friendship with Armbar. The message stuck with me and made me reflect on how grateful I was for the friendships I had in my life. Pantyhose and I had played golf together the day prior to this beatdown and it made me reflect specifically on how grateful I am to have him as a friend. The idea had popped in my head during the round to co-Q with him rather than do it alone. Pantyhose obliged and we planned the workout together combining our own ideas and the Thang from a previous workout Sparty did over a year ago. 

I spoke to the Pax about how I felt friendship was a gift from God and that He places people into our lives when we need them the most with it being our responsibility to recognize this as gift and take advantage of these important relationships. 

Pantyhose and I have become very close the past year and a half or so. He’s someone I look up to, can always count on to be there, and challenges me to be a better human. If several days go by and we haven’t seen each other Pantyhose always gives me a call to ask how I’m doing. NOTICE…he ALWAYS calls. It’s not a text..it’s a phone call. These phone calls mean a lot to me and demonstrate how much he cares. I’m grateful for my friendship with Pantyhose and even though he is a peer, I very much look up to the man that he is. (Except he drinks Busch Light and any self respecting man knows that the only people who drink Busch Light are college kids, Iowans, and anyone who enjoys the taste of cow piss.)

So Pax…find you a friend like Pantyhose and be grateful for that friendship! I closed by asking the Pax to close their eyes, think about a friendship that they are grateful for, reflect on why they are grateful for that person and challenged them to contact that person sometime over the weekend to tell them that how grateful they are for their presence in their life. 



Thanks for the co-Q, Pantyhose!

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