Friday, July 23 | The Combine | Kiewit Middle School | 72 degrees & humid

PAX(41): Italian Job, Gunner, Theraband, Mufasa (Meow), Thor, Patton (Respect), Slow Pitch, Wax-On, Fine Print, Pantyhose, The Plague, Bubbles, Chucky, Barn Door (Creeeeek), Tube Socks, Othello, Grease Fire (wooosh), Frosty, Skipper, Herkie (Downrange), Nailed It, Finkle, Doppler (Boop), Double Fault (Hate), Horn Frogger (Hate), Killswitch, Hard Hat, Toto, Speed Square, White Claw, Second Chance (Hate), Convoy, Sasquatch, Armbrah, Moon Man, Nugent, Hawg, Tater Tot, LPC, Sparty

QIC: LPC & Sparty

It was a glorious Friday morning! The moon was full and on fire, just like The Combine was when I pulled into the parking lot around 4:40am. I was delighted to see so many cars as men arrived early for the Pre-Run. As they took off in 2 separate paces, I took to the track to set up. After LPC and I finished our preparation, runners started returning. I happened to notice that Slow Piiiiiiiiitch came back early with the Clydesdales. Come to find out, he had a rough run: Stick 1 Slow Pitch 0. Rumor also has it that Italian Job let out a belly laugh that will always be remembered by the PAX on the mosey.

5:15am quickly approached and the Co-Q’s combined for a nearly perfect F3 welcome as the Nan’Tan reminded us to ask about FNGs. YHC knows that The Hardest Working AO is not the fortunate recipient of many FNGs and this question is missed regularly. However, what LPC and I totally missed was that we had a PAX member Downrange from St. Louis this morning. Welcome Herkie (no idea on the spelling). We then took off on a short mosey to the ballfield for Warm-a-rama:


  • LPC Led
    • SSH – 20 IC
    • Slow Windmills – 10 IC
    • Big Ones – 2 10 counts
  • Sparty Led – ATMs
    • Alternating Shoulder Taps – 20 IC
    • Tempo Merkins – 20 IC
    • Merkins – 20 count

There was some grunting and complaining at the end as I just wanted to make sure the men got their shoulders loosened up. We then asked the PAX to count off to see how many men were there, and while the beginning was a reminder that counting is tough, we got to 39 with 2 stragglers approaching. We quickly called an audible as this was too large of a group to keep everyone together. We split everyone in half, and lengthened the “Pre-Thang” so that we had 2 Thangs that the PAX would perform both in their groups.

Thang 1 (LPC) – 3 groups rotated through 3 stations of exercises:

  • Station 1
    • Merkins
    • Werkins
    • Makhtar N’Daiye’s
  • Station 2
    • Air Squarts
    • Bonnie Blairs
    • Summo Squats
  • Station 3
    • K2E
    • Flutter Kicks
    • Big Boy’s

Thang 2 (Sparty): Split into 3 AMRAP groups with 1 push group

  • Station 1
    • Jump Squats
    • Jump Tucks
    • Bonnie Blairs
  • Station 2
    • WWI Big Boy’s
    • Flutter Kicks
    • American Hammers
  • Station 3
    • Dips
    • Derkins
    • Carolina Dry Docks

At 5:53am, “OMAHA” was called, and the PAX helped grab lights, cones, and Weinkes to bring to the middle of the field for Name-o-rama.

NOR: Lot of sweaty guys, the camera loves Slow Pitch, Othello surprised some guys with the crazy noise he made with The Plague’s name, the camera was on board with the Othello jump, our missionaries had their name tags on, it’s always great to hear Nightcrawler in a high pitch voice, ArmBRAH was present with the Rider boys in attendance, and we wrapped things up with a warm embrace with Sparty & LPC.

Announcements/Prayers: Thor is leading the charge for a volunteer opportunity and we still have availability to join the team, PAX golf outing next Tuesday led by Bubbles, Prayers for the Elkhorn North Community, 12-for-21 continues this Sunday, opportunity to get a Murph in tomorrow before the 6am beatdown at the Oracle, and very kind words from the Nan’Tan!

COT: I started off sharing the history behind the start of Combine and how we came up with the name. Long story short, Kiewit Middle School are the Colts. I love NFL football and named the AO after the famous Combine workout that is at the Indianapolis Colts’ stadium each off season. Tater then added the image of a man pulling a Combine Tractor. Took awhile to sink in for me, but I ended up loving the dual meaning. The rest of my COT is meant for us to celebrate LPC. He is a great friend and leader. He is a man that when he speaks, people listen. F3 Omaha needs his leadership. Thank you and I love you Brother.

Message from LPC after sharing Gratitude started with a quote from the book Tribe: “Humans don’t mind hardship, in fact they thrive on it; what they mind is not feeling necessary. Modern society has perfected the art of making people not feel necessary. It’s time for that to end.” And this is exactly what we are doing in F3!

The ceremony of the shovel pass then took place and I shared the surprise with LPC that we now have an image that represents each Site-Q, with the ability to expand on this in the future.

I led the PAX out in Prayer.

Sparty & LPC,


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