July 22, 2021|AO- The Berm|68 degrees and only slightly humid

23 PAX: Birdman, Wax On, Italian Job, Chucky, Mulligan (Respect), Short Sale, Thor, Patton (Respect), Monacle, Panty Hose, Tubesocks, Sparty, Butterfly (Respect), Hogg (Respect), Archie (FNG), Tin Cup, Herbie, Dirty Bird, Rip Tide, Doppler, Tapout (FNG), Thera Band, Mother Goose (QIC)

5:30 AM- Recited meaning, principles and mission of F3 and gave disclaimer; two FNG’s

Warm-o-Rama on the Basketball Court:

  • Mosey down and back
  • 15 Goofballs IC
  • Mosey to close FT line, Bernie Sanders back
  • 15 Imperial Walkers IC
  • Mosey to half court, Bernie Sanders back
  • 15 Hillbillies IC
  • Mosey to far FT line, Bernie Sanders back
  • 10 Tappy Taps IC, 10 Tater Taps IC
  • Mosey full court, Bernie Sanders back
  • 10 Big One’s IC
  • Mosey to far FT line, Bernie Sanders back
  • 15 Cherry Pickers IC
  • Mosey to half court, Bernie Sanders back
  • 15 Tempo Merkins IC
  • Mosey to close FT line, Bernie Sanders back
  • 15 Monkey Humpers IC

Moseyed over to the picnic tables for the Pre-Thang, one PAX to a seat:

  • 20 Dips
  • 10 Step-ups with right leg, kicking left knee up
  • 20 Derkins
  • 10 Step-ups with left leg, kicking right knee up
  • 20 Dips
  • 10 Switch Kicks IC
  • 20 Derkins
  • 10 Box Jumps
  • 10 Alternating Shoulder Taps with feet on seat

Formed 4 groups and moseyed up to the soccer field for the Thang:

3 Pain Stations and a Push Group.  The PAX were instructed to rinse and repeat the pain stations and pick up where they left off next time around:

  • Station 1- Upper Body
    • 20 Merkins
    • 20 Carolina Dry Docks
    • 20 Ranger Merkins
    • 20 Overhead Claps
    • 20 Werkins
  • Station 2- Lower Body
    • 20 Air Squats
    • 20 Lunges (10 one one leg then switch)
    • 20 Bobby Hurley’s
    • 20 Apollo Ohno’s IC
    • 20 Johnny Drama’s IC
  • Station 3- Core
    • 20 World War I’s
    • 20 LBC’s IC
    • 20 Heels to Heaven IC
    • 20 Freddy Mercury’s IC
    • 20 Flutter Kicks IC
  • Station 4- Push Group- Mosey a lap, stopping halfway at a cone for 5 Burpees

6:03- Omaha Call- All PAX had hit every station twice plus one more for extra credit.

Moseyed back to Basketball court for a quick Mary:

  • 20 Dying Cockroaches IC
  • American Hammers Rancid-style for a count (23 IC)


  • First FNG (Jason) told us a little about his family and said he liked to golf, so we started with Bunker which turned to “Archie” for Archie Bunker.
  • Second FNG (Ron) said he recently got into MMA and had a fight coming up so naturally we went with “Tapout”.


  • Thor has a 3rd F opportunity to help with painting a house for a good cause.  He will re-post the info on Slack.  They have 4 committed and need 10 quickly!

Prayer Requests:

  • Patton asked us to pray for the repose of the soul of a young man at Elkhorn High that took his life and to pray for and talk to our kids about suicide.
  • Mulligan asked us to pray for the memory of a young man who was taken too early a year ago.
  • YHC asked the PAX to pray for my wife’s sister and her husband who just had a daughter born five weeks early and is in the NICU, and also for my Dad who broke his hip over the weekend and is currently recovering in Rapid City with my Mom.
  • Birdman asked us to pray for his Aunt in hospice and in gratitude for 15 years of marriage on his anniversary!


I recently read a book (Duchesne’s Summer read) in which a character finds herself overcome with anger and recites a mantra to calm herself.  She repeats, “My anger is mine, but I am not my anger” over and over.  I noted how we could replace the word “anger” with so many others.  For me it is anxiety; for others it could be addiction, depression, loss, divorce, stress, shame, guilt, sin, and the list goes on.  I asked the PAX to consider what word fills in that blank for them.

In F3, we have a name for whatever fills in that blank.  It is your Jester.  The Jester, as I interpret it, is either something material or a pattern of behavior that rises up from time to time attempting to stand in the way of accelerating, becoming the best version of yourself, having better relationships with family, friends, God and yourself. It is the embodiment of the evil one that tries to tear you down while you are working on building yourself up.  This became the topic of the TNT discussion over coffee to follow, in which many PAX allowed themselves to be vulnerable in opening up about their Jester and how they work to defeat it.

PAX, please remember that your Jester is yours, but you are not your Jester.

I led us out in a BOM and prayer of gratitude.

Here’s to good days and better tomorrows!

Cheers and SYITG!

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