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Q: Sportiva

PAX moseyed around track to start warm-o-rama, then continued with some sun gods, abe vigodas, and some side straddle hops.Tha Thang
Kill switch graciously provided his randomizer, a.k.a. Wooden die. PAX divided up into four groups and each rolled the die. Based on the roll, they went to one of the following stations:OBELISK STATION
15 Australian mountain climbers
15 Chicken peckers
20 second wall sitSTAGE STATION
15 Dumbell merkins
25 Curls
10 Lunges (each leg)
20 Goblet squats

20 Dips
20 Step-ups
15 Shoulder presses
20 Chest flies (on back)
20 Chest press (on back)PLAYGROUND STATION
15 upright rows
20 Curls
10 Kettlebell swings
20 Tricep extensions (overhead)LAWN STATION
20 Flutter kicks (IC)
20 Big boys
10 freddie mercuries (IC)
20 LBCs (IC)After each group finished their station, they returned to the die and re-rolled and continued until ‘Omaha’ was called at about 6:06.MOM
PAX picked exercises for mary and ended in american hammers rancid style.

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