Date: 2021.07.22
AO: The Maize

Pax: Crab Cakes, eHarmony, Fine Print, Mr. Miyagi, Lincoln Logs (Respect!, Respect!), Dr. Thunder, Sasquatch, Convoy, Moon Man, Gator, Speed Square, T-Ball, Cheapseats, Barn Door, Tonight Show
QIC: Tonight Show

Conditions: 73 degrees and overcast; sprinklers running and, in general, a normal morning at the Maize

YHC stepped in as a lackluster substitute for Ketchup who wasn’t feeling well and welcomed 14 other pax to the Maize.  The mission was dispensed, the core principles were covered, and the disclaimer was reviewed.  No FNGs were present and with that pax began a mosey to the lake entrance.


  • Hillbillies * 10IC
  • Hairy Rockettes * 10IC
  • Blades of Steel * 10IC
  • Steel Blades * 10IC
  • Tappy Taps * 10IC

WaR was brief as the main dish was a trip to the Pet Shop at the back of the lake and that required a bit of a mosey.

The Thang:

As pax arrived at the Pet Shop it was noted that the grass had not been cut.  The insinuation was, should there be a modification.  YHC was not dissuaded.  We were taking life on life’s terms this morning and that meant we would trudge through the grass to get our pet rocks.  Pax were reminded to resist the urge to have your ego pick your pet.  (YHC has had to learn this multiple times)

With pet rocks in hand the whole time the Thang (a rapid fire rock set) went like this:

Rapid Fire Rock Set

  • Rock-ee * 5
  • Curls * 10 right arm
  • Tricep extension * 10 right arm
  • Rock-ee * 5
  • Curls *10 left arm
  • Tricep extension * 10 left arm

Take pet rock for a walk (mosey) to next street light

  • Rocks-up Rocks-up * 110
  • Overhead press right arm * 10
  • Bent over Row right arm * 10
  • Ground Pounder * 10 IC
  • Overhead press left arm * 10
  • Bent over Row left arm * 10
  • Ground Pounder * 10 IC

Walk (mosey) pet back to the previous street light

  • Heavy Freddies * 15

Rinse and repeat from the beginning. 

YHC threw in one round of heavy full-body crunches for fun also. Pax completed 2 full rounds before it was time to return our pets.  YHC was hoping for a hybrid-doodle-something and ended up with some kind of rock hound so he needed to be returned. (I know… the puns are prevalent in the gloom)

At each stop, sugar rays were told they could stay and do burpees or mosey back to pick up the six.  All pax elected to pick up the six. 😉


Alas, it was time to return to the shovel flag where Omaha was called.  No time for 6MoM so it was straight into the COT.



  • Lots of pop ups going on.  Stayed tuned to Slack for expansion news.
  • Golfing options again the real details are on Slack.
  • Option for half-marathon this weekend.
  • Finally Shovel flag pass taking place at The Combine in the morning.  Sparty handing off to LPC.  Godspeed brother!


Several pax had family members or friends dealing with illnesses.  TAPS for Keith, Alma, and John.  Wisdom for their care givers, peace for their families, and ultimately for healing from the Sky-Q.


YHC found myself compelled to share about Preparedness, the 5th foundational principle of F3’s LPD.

F3 is an organization of leaders not an organization with leaders.  All men in F3 are expected to lead.   

Leaders need to be prepared.  Preparedness involves both the expected and unexpected outcomes.  The former you can plan and study for.  The latter is harder by far as it is thrust upon us unexpectedly.  It is life on life’s terms.  The only way to be effective under these circumstances is to undertake the deliberate and sequential steps to be ready when the unexpected occurs.  

This involves recognizing that you need to change and being willing to make the change.  This takes time.  We are not butterflies who can go into a cocoon, do nothing, and come out better than the larval worm that entered the cocoon.  We have to be deliberate and take sequential steps.  Imagine inviting a man to F3 and telling him he will lead the workout on his first day.  The FNG numbers would be pitiful.  We welcome him, we let him observe, count some individual exercises, partner with a Site-Q to plan a workout, then set him free to lead.  It is a sequential process.

Finally, we have to give freely and give it away because we care for the people around us.  And I mean everyone around us.  Let me say that again, EVERYONE around us.  How many problems and divisions do we experience because someone starts their sentence with “I” or “Me” or “My”  Start thinking about the vulnerability in others because we must love those around us and we will really make our communities a better place.

“Preparedness is built upon Bricks, but its impetus and accelerant is love.  When all else falls away, it is only love that will remain.”

Always proud to be part of this group


Tonight Show

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