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Q: Bloodshot

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There was much to accomplish today, so after the mission, 5 core principles, and disclaimer, we started with warmarama…straight from the memorial workout from F3 Brut from Greenwood, SC:

COT “The Win”

Gary Wieneke passed away a week ago today. His obituary is one of a High Impact Man. His son is F3 Brut from Greenwood, SC and you all honored him this morning.

I saw this opportunity and audible to “The Win” yesterday because that’s what F3 does-honor for a family who we don’t know.

In my sad cloud form years ago I would admire those taking action for others…but I would think of an excuse to leave it for someone else to do. I would recount any good I did in a day and convinced myself that is enough. Too often my attitude was “above all else do no harm” when it should have been “Pick up the six”.

Tater Tot shared a COT last year about a PAX who was late for a workout because he passed a broke down driver. That Omaha PAX drove past then thought “why am I in F3”? He then doubled back to help (turns out they didn’t want help anyway:)

So Ask yourself today “why am I in F3?”.

You’ll find yourself being the guy pushing broke down car to safety, helping unload a stranger’s tree at the drop off site, and sending an F3 brother condolences from Omaha. Bloodshot closed us out with prayer.


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