Saturday, July 17, 2021| The Oracle |Aldrich Elementary, Omaha, NE | 70 degrees, clear skies

 “Go North to meet the Oracle….And Be a Light In the Darkness…”

11Pax: Swiper,  Vandalay, Packer, Cheap Seats, A-Bomb, Retweet, Room Service, Hey Hey, Down Dog, Cutting Edge, Tin Cup

QIC:  Swiper

7:00am          Swiper welcomed the Pax to F3 – reminding them of the mission to Plant, Serve and Grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.   He also mentioned that they were an International Organization now.

Swiper then covered the 5 core principles of F3.  1) Open to ALL men. 2.  Always Free.  3) Always held outdoors, 4) Lead in a rotating fashion and 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT).

There were no FNGs today.

Swiper reminded the PAX that I am not a professional.  Modify as necessary.  From this point forward there is a real risk of injury. 

Swiper instructed the HIMs we would run up the West Dodge Frontage Road to the Methodist Parking Lot.

7:12 am                      Warm-a-rama

  • 10 Tappy Taps IC
  • 10 Tater Taps IC
  • 10 Windmills IC
  • Hip Touches – hold for 10 count
  • 20 SSH (8 IC, 12 Silent) – 10 Burpee penalty.  We had a couple guys go over.  We did the 10 Burpees.
  • 10 Superman Yellow Sun IC
  • 10 Superman Red Sun IC
  • Swiper’s Wipers – 10 IC
  • Iron Crosses – 10 IC
  • 10 Alarm Clocks
  • Mosey back to the school

7:25                             Pre Thang

  • 2 Man Grinder – Switch each time
  • Round 1
  • 1 Man – Donkey Kicks on Wall – AMRAP
  • 1 Man – Alligator Merkins around cone
  • Round 2
  • 1 Man – Chicken Peckers – AMRAP –
  • 1 Man – Broad Jump around cone
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • Swiper made modification of the distance of the cone halfway through the first round as the Pax mumble chatter on the Aligator Merkins was rather loud and continuous. 

7:45                             The Thang

  • With your same partner, Pax members would Wheelbarrow Race to Cone, then 20 Derkins with partner holding legs up.  Switch and go wheelbarrow back/20 Derkins.
  • 10 Bropees, with a high 5.  Plank to the 6.
  • Go to School Hill
  • Bottom of Hill – Heels to Heaven 15 IC, SHIPs (Should Taps, Hip Taps) 15 IC – 4 count, Mount Climbers 15 IC, 15 Diamond Merkins, 15 Big Boys, 15 Cherry Pickers AMRAP
  • Partner Bernie Sanders up, 10 Monkey Humpers IC, then circle the building. Switch.  The Pax each completed two loops around the building and corresponding exercises and then Omaha was called.  Swiper led the men back over to the grass for the 6 MOM.

7:50                6 MOM

  •  Swiper instructed the Pax we would perform the Tunnel of Love.  Each member lined up face down in the plank position as we took turns army crawling underneath each other until each member had taken a turn.
  • Next we did the Bridge of Hate.  Swiper informed that each Pax member would lay on their back and we would transport each Pax member one by one over the bridge.  Vandalay provided some advise, saying we should alternate Pax direction, in a zipper format.  This proved to work well.  Each Pax member was lifted and carried and no man was dropped!  Until the end othe line where they were “gently” slid into the wet grass.  It provided some good laughs.
  • Then the Pax Mosey’d to the Flags, where we completed Sarpy Slammers IC – Rancid Style.

At 7:57am                  NOR

  • The Name-a-rama was completed – see above for list of those who posted.  


  • Vandalay mentioned that there was a lot of pop ups starting next week.  Swiper mentioned Sarpy would offer a non Murph site at Werner Park.

Prayer Requests: 

  • Swiper prayed for Knobs, his father, and their family. 


  • Swiper’s COT message – “Be a light in the darkness.” 
  • Tell my kids everyday.  They can change the mood of a room just by how they enter it.  Single candle can give some light to a dark room.  But if you take that candle to different corners of the room – you can give light momentarily.  But if you take your light and start a fire in someone else – that room will burn bright……Are you ever blowing out anyone else’s candle?
  • Old Testament Reference- Isaiah 9:2 – “The People who walk in darkness will see a great light.”
  • New Testament Reference – John 8:12 – “I am the Light of the World.  If you follow me, you won’t walk in darkness, but you will have the light of life.”
  • Swiper asked each HIM to find an opportunity this weekend and the coming week to go about and be a light in a dark place, and to light someone else up for others to see their light.
  • Swiper had Packer take us out in prayer, where we prayed that we could be great men, fathers and leaders in the community.  He asked that Jesus help us to let our light shine for other to see and be impacted by.
  • Swiper, Packer, Vandalay, Retweet, Room Service, Down Dog and Cheap Seats all had great Second F at Karma.

Aye!  Swiper

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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