Octagon AO | Prarie Lane swing school | 70 degrees

PAX: Polaroid, Bloodshot, Spacebar, Slow Pitch, Finkel, Beaver, Ice T, Peacock, Bonnie, Super Nasty, Khakis

Q: Golden Pike

Warmarama: Tappy Taps, Big Ones, Sun Gods, Reverse Sun Gods


Divided into 4 teams. Each team sent a guy to the other side of the field. Guy did three burpees and ran back. In between that time, the group would do merkins and then hit big boys when the runner came back and then the next guy would go. Group kept alternating between merkins and big boys.

The Thang:

Three teams were given a stack of workout cards and sent to their station. They do the top card on the pile. The team by the hill did clockwork merkins, 10 reps per set and then pushed the group counter-clockwise from station to station. 


Did a pick your poison with some different guys. We did some low dollys and then Polaroid made everyone spell GOLDEN PIKE OCTAGON with their legs. Ended with rancid-style American Hammers.

Announcements/Prayer requests:

I can’t remember all the announcements or prayer requests. 


I talked about how in Ecclesiastes, Solomon tells us that life is pretty meaningless apart from the meaning God gives us. I also talked about how as men we have so little time on this earth and that if we stopped using that time to worry about stupid sh*t, the world would be a much better place. Gave the men a call to action to breathe in deeply every second they’re given and imbue it with meaning and purpose, even if it’s just hanging with the family.

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