AO: The Farm

DATE: 7/16/21

Weather: 67 degrees with a slight breeze and clear skies

PAX: Animal House, Mako, Baby Shark, Levy, Arch, Crab Cakes, Skidz, FNG (Hedgehog), Tony the Tiger, Echo, Ferdinand, Girl Dad, Gobbler, Chernobyl, Yogi, Escobar, Knobs, FNG (Axe), Feeny, Zorro, Fun Dip, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Welcome: A solid group of 5 took on the prerun, and upon the return to the flags, found and even more solid group of dudes ready to get rocked. Once the clock struck 5:15, everyone was welcomed. Two new guys were present, so the almost full spiel was given. This is F3, 5 principles, and disclaimer. Forgot about the mission. Mosey toward the entrance to the arena.

*NOTE: The workout was planned to be in-sync with a playlist. There were audibles called along the way. This is the best representation from memory of how our trip through time went.

Warmup: The Roaring 20’s: Song: Makin’ Whoopee by Bing Crosby; 20 IC Hillbillies, 20 IC Tappy Taps, 20 SSH, and 15 IC Abe Vigodas. PAX were then numbered off, 1’s & 2’s, with each 1,2 pair being partners for a 2 man grinder. One man at the top of the stairs performing the exercise listed AMRAP, and the man at the bottom of the stairs performing the listed exercise for the listed number of reps, then running up the stairs to rotate with his partner.

Dirty 30’s: Song: Puttin’ On the Ritz by Harry Richman; 30 Merkins at bottom of stairs, AMRAP Merkins at the top of the stairs. There was a bit of confusion here, so a lesson in history was provided during the exercise. Question: Why did they call it the dirty 30’s?. Just like in a classroom, there were a few quiet responses, with the response, because of the dust bowl? Being mentioned by a couple PAX. Correct, because of the dust bowl. And why was there a dust bowl? A couple of guys responded with the answer “drought”. Wrong! They didn’t rotate their crops!

HH then hollered out “It’s now the 40’s”. Song: The Woodpecker Song by Glenn Miller; 40 squats at the bottom of the stairs, AMRAP Lunges at the top of the stairs. As partner 2 was getting the squats in, HH called out for everyone to head over to the lot where we did warmarama for the 50’s.

“Some people call the 50’s the Golden Age of Capitalism, so we’re gonna do some ABC’s!” Song: Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley. Following ABC’s a description of “Sayer’s 63s” was given. Gale Sayers moved to Omaha in the 50s, and broke an NCAA record in 1963. Similar to Bolt 45s, this is a ½ high squat x 21, a ½ low squat x 21, and 21 full squats. Head back to the stairs for the 60’s. The Beatles Twist and Shout came on. Grinder with Dying Cockroaches x 20 IC and Twist Squats.

The 70’s were all about “Me”. Look at “me”, yada yada, The “Me” Decade. Song: Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin. So the grinder had 20 IC Goofballs and AMRAP Monkey Humpers. Head back to the lot for more 70’s.

Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees. OYO Moroccan Night Clubs, then Travolta Merkins OYO to the beat of the song. This may have been the crowd favorite up to this point. I think we did 25 of them in cadence. Time for a little cool down mosey, because there hasn’t really been a break yet in this workout. Start to mosey around fairgrounds. This is where we rolled into the 80’s.

Song: The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats (but really need hard hats). The mosey became a skip, then a skip with funny arm gestures. After joyfully safety dancing around the fairgrounds, we found places on the wall and began to perform a series of Chicken Peckers and Donkey Kicks. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard came on. CP x 20IC, DK x 20, Cherry pickers, CP x 15IC, DK x 15. Hard Hat skipped to the next song once we had enough.  

In the wall sit position, we warped into the 90’s. Song: What is Love – 7” mix (wonder what the 7” is) by Haddaway. You better believe we were bobbin’ heads. We added in some more Moraccan Night Clubs while sitting and bobbing heads, which added some serious coordination issues. After maybe 2 minutes of head bobbing wall sits, the PAX were instructed to move towards the grass for some Catalina Wine Mixers. I think we did 25 of these in cadence. Then we lined up single file for a Do-A-Diddy. The PAX were informed that we would Do-A-Diddy down the gravel to the large arena, then make our way back to the shovel flags. A Do-A-Diddy is a reverse chain run, where the man in front drops for 5 burpees, calls out “Six”, and joins the run at the back of the line. When the guy at the front hears “Six”, he pulls aside and drops for his 5 burpees. This continued and towards the end the call out of “Six” happened more frequent to allow for all PAX to get in their 5 burpees. HH was a little delirious at this point and mis-described the do-a-diddy, so the guy at the end dropped for 10 merkins, then ran to the front of the line. So it was an actual chain run, not a do-a-diddy. During the run we transitioned into the 10’s. Song: Truth Hurts by Lizzo.

We circled up, and had some time for mary, so we jumped back to the 70’s on our “bicycles” and did flutter kicks to the sweet sounds of Queen’s Bicycle Race. Every time “bicycle” was sang, we’d do a Freddie Mercury. The song is only 3 minutes, but seems to last for 10, so Omaha was called with about 20 seconds remaining. We then counted off, did a Name-a-rama, named our FNGs, had announcements the upcoming golf outing, and the next offerings of the APEX. Prayers for our FNG-Axe’s family who lost a cousin to cancer a couple weeks ago, and also Prayers for OT’s family, and prayers for all of the PAX dealing with injury.  

Circle of Trust: Leading at the Farm got me to thinking back about my time on my family’s farm. I wasn’t a farm kid, but by folks had a farm, and I spent a lot of time there. A couple of lessons that I learned there, relate to patience. When my parents bought the farm, it was a dump. The pasture was riddled with thistle, cactus, downed fences, and tons of junk. The farm now, is a beautiful place that has hosted events, and people want to be there. It wasn’t a quick change though. It took a lot of hard work, and a ton of patience to get to be a beautiful place. Another lesson in patience was with my dad when I was 12 or 13. I was driving his truck around on the farm moving some material, and I wrapped the side of it around a tree. He saw it happen, and I was fine, and he surprisingly didn’t show much anger toward me in that incident. I feel like, if I was him, I would’ve been pissed. He was slow to get angry about it, and I’m glad that’s how he handled it. I think back to that time, and I have to remind myself to do the same with my kids. There are a lot of things they do at times that make me angry, but I’ve got to slow down and respond correctly. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.”

Belt Buckle is awarded to Crab Cakes! We didn’t do any bear crawls, and this dude hustled his ass off on the chain run. Crab Cakes is always bringing that hustle to every workout!


Hard Hat

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