Tuesday, July 13th | Stinson Park |

PAX: Black Jack, Othello, Uhaul, Mario (FNG), Schwinn (FNG), Polaroid, Doll Face, Dome, Demigorgon, Patton

QIC: Black Jack VQ: Ruxpin

Welcome:  Black Jack kicked it off, Welcomed everyone, we had 2 FNG’s, Hit our 5 core values and got us ready for the morning

Warm – O – Rama: Ruxpin didn’t practice counting IC….  but it was fun.  Them Sun Gods are good (20 IC to the front, 20 IC to the back), 20 Side shuffle hops IC, then some Big Ones 10 IC got loosened up.

Pre-thang: Black Jack took us on a mosey from the playground over to some planters.  Time to get those feet up.  15 derkins, 5 step shuffle in the decline plank, then 15 decline Peter Parkers IC. We did 3 times, just getting started.

The Thang: Ruxpin took us on a mosey to the workout equipment hidden near the parking garage.  We Partnered up in twos.  One person was running suicides while their partner was at one of the designated stations doing sets of 20. Merkins, Big Boys, Bobby Hurleys, Step ups/box jump, Pull ups, Dips, Back Extensions, and a Coupon Shoulder Press.   If you finish your suicides or sets before your partner, do some Burpees.  Once you both get your suicide and 20 reps, move to the next station.  We did this till we were all burnt out and it was 6:07.  

We moseyed back to the playground where we did some American Hammers IC around the circle.  

Name – O – Rama: Black Jack captured everyone’s beautiful faces.  Schwinn and Mario were welcomed to the group, worthy names.
COT: The obvious is right in front of us.  Relationships are struggling right now, so make sure you take a check up.  A couple check where you and your M’s are taking time to connect, grow in your relationship, and get on the same page.

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