13 July 2021 / AO The Trident / 69 Degrees 8 knot winds

21 PAX: Roadhouse, Big One, Jeeves, Draino, Tater Tot, Bubbles, Tin Cup, Pantyhose, Tube Socks, Kielbasa, Selleck, Chicklets, Short Sale, TC, Cyclone, Convoy, Wait time, Sister Act, Riptide, Slow Pitch, Doppler



As I pulled into the parking lot it was nice to see a medium sized collection of cars and some pre runners spread throughout the parking area. Walked over to the shovel flags, watched the minutes tick down to 0530 then jumped into the good stuff.


I welcomed everyone to the Trident the weirdest AO in Omaha. I mentioned how today we would work on being honest about who we really are, The Trident isn’t a running AO but often times PAX feel like it might actually be one. Today we were going to test that theory and get some running in.

Went through the 5 core principles, the mission statement, credo, saw we had no FNGs, then reminded people that I was not a professional. And with that we started our mosey


From the Far North East corner of the campus we started heading south along the road past the two traffic circles until we reached a large group of parking lots.

Big Ones x 1

Tappy taps x 1

SSH x 1

Warm-o-rama over!!!

Thang 1:

Call a Spade a Spade

A PAX draws a card then complete the exercise assigned to the suite, reps are decided by the cards value. Once complete we sprint the parking lot then move to the adjacent row.

Hearts: Merkins

Diamonds: Diamond Merkins

Clubs: Squats

Spades: Burpees

First 3 cards pulled were Queen, 10, and King of Spades, Last card pulled ace of spades. PAX were then informed that all cards were in fact spades. And then we were on to our next mosey and work out stop.


Thang 2:

Found a nice steep grassy hill to run up. 15 Monkey Humpers IC then Bernie Sanders up the hill and Crawl Bear back down. Did this twice.

The grass was a little wet and the footing was a little dicey in one or two spots but overall it was a great place for a climb. On to the next stop!

Thang 3:

Amphitheatre Merkin climb!!! 3x10x3

10 Derkins at the bottom, 10 Dips at the last step, 10 Merkins at the top.

Repeat 3 times.

Thang 4:

Buddy Hill run/Plank. Surprise surprise we found another big hill to run up (far South East Corner of the campus). The nice thing about this AO is that if you throw a rock you will hit a hill. We partnered up and while one person ran all the way up the hill to the side walk the partner held the plank position. Each person took a turn running the hill. We looked across the campus and realized that we had a long way to go before we got back to the flags, time for more running!

But Wait!!!!!

Thang 5:

We ran down to the large circle boardwalk in the middle of the campus. Stopped for a quick trivia lesson and a Steinel.

Question: What is the name of the creek that runs right through the middle of the Tri-Faith campus?

Road House represented his site well and quickly came up with the correct answer, Hell Creek.

Since they did such a great job coming up with the answer, and we were RUNNING short on time, we did just one round of Steinel before doing our final mosey back to the shovel flags.


American Hammers Rancid Style starting and finishing with me…. We only did 1.

Announcements/Prayer Requests

Watch for Pop-ups as new sites are being launched soon.

Humpday Happy Hour coming up

3rd F Volunteer opportunities are on slack please look there to help at the food bank and with painting a home for the elderly.

Prayers for Jeeves and his friend/family as they reconnect this Friday.



It is important to be true to yourself and confident in who you really are. Today I teased Trident about being a running AO and it was fun. The Site is great and diverse and sometimes the best way to maximize the fun involves a run. That is a good thing, and I am always happy to get a good mosey in next to a fellow HIM and hear what he has to say.

To me being true to yourself also means being vulnerable, for me it is so easy to be open and vulnerable when I am surrounded by my F3 brothers. However I have noticed that outside of F3 I still struggle to admit weakness especially at work where I am still trying ot find my groove at in my new job. This week I finally admitted out loud to my supervisor that I was struggling and it felt scary. After the words came out of my mouth I felt a weight lift off me and I realized it was OK to admit these feelings and that they only want to help me succeed so that we can all succeed together.

So when you are feeling scared to admit weakness today maybe lean into that and push through it because that is a real opportunity for significant growth.



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