July 14, 2021|AO- Top Rope|mid-60’s with storm brewing

YHC knew it was going to be a great morning as “Final Countdown” by Europe came on the radio on the drive there.

19 PAX: Doppler, Thor, Dr. Thunder, Tee Ball (FNG), Bear Grylls, Gator, Moon Man, Fine Print, Rollbar, Slick, Short Sale, Rip Tide, Thera Band, Cradle, Barn Door, Strokes (Respect), American Picker, Monacle (FNG), Mother Goose (QIC)

5:30 AM- Recited meaning, principles and mission of F3 and gave disclaimer; two FNG’s


Moseyed around Aldrich back to the basketball court and lined up for a dynamic warm-up. The PAX moved across the basketball court with cones spaced at halfway and the opposite side:

  • A Skips to first cones (knee to waist height), mosey to second cones
  • B Skips to first cones (knee to waist then kick toe out), mosey to wall
  • High Knees to first cones, Butt Kicks to second cones
  • Walking high knee pulls to first cones, walking quad pulls to wall
  • Walking toe touches to first cones, Frankensteins (high leg kicks) to second cones
  • Karaoke switching direction at middle cones to wall
  • 15 Cherry Pickers stationary

The PAX stayed lined up on the wall and partnered up for the Pre-Thang with coupons:

-Partner 1 did a rifle carry with a coupon to the far cones and back while partner two held Balls to the Wall, then switched.

-Partner 1 lunged with a coupon to the far cones and back while partner 2 held a Wall Sit, then switched.

-Partner 1 did Murder Bunnies to the near cones and back while partner 2 did Cherry Pickers, then switched.

(Rinse and Repeat for about 8 minutes)

The PAX then moseyed to the field behind the school for the Thang and stayed with their partner (their “tag team” at Top Rope):

2 man grinder- One PAX would run from a line of cones up the hill to the back wall of the school, perform 20 Monkey Humpers IC, and Bernie Sanders back to relieve their partner who was completing stationary exercises.  The pairs cumulatively completed the following:

-200 Merkins

-150 Copperhead Squats

-150 Big Boys

-75 Burpees (no pairs got to these but no one seemed crushed about it)

Finishing Move:

Doppler asked YHC to finish with a signature move, as he hopes each Q at Top Tope to do in honor of the signature moves of WWE stars.  I came up with the Goose Walk.  Each PAX would get into a low squat and stay in it as they walked (waddled) while also doing little baby arm circles back to the shovel flag.  It was a majestic site.


We were running short on time with two FNG’s to name so we just did 20 Box Cutters IC in honor of our brother Vandelay and his 3-year F3 anniversary today.


First FNG (Brandon) said he spent most of his time watching his 2.0’s play little league so he was “Tee Ball.” Second FNG (Jed or Judd?) said he was an optometrist so “Monacle” it was.


-Thor asked for help on 8/21 painting a house for a good cause.  Check his post on Slack.

-Doppler reminded us that this Saturday is an opportunity for us to volunteer at Heartland for Hope.  Check the Third F Slack channel for details.

Prayer Requests

-Rollbar asked for our prayers for safe travel and execution of Grow Ruck in StL this weekend, and also for healing for his grandmother who had suffered a recent fall.

COT- Treasure Hunters or Trash Collectors

Like many of the PAX, YHC went without power for a few days over the weekend.  I reflected on what a small problem that really was.  It was an inconvenience, but in the grand scheme of things I still had bountiful resources compared to most in the world. We were able to stay at in-laws’ and could afford to replace the spoiled food in our fridge and freezer.  I regret not just giving my kids the experience of staying home for at least one night without power.  Getting fast food, using flashlights, and opening the windows… Looks like I could have a chance to do that tonight…

Anyway, going through that experience reminded me of a reading I used to have posted on my desk in my old office.  I don’t remember where I saw it the first time, but realized that I should probably put it up in my new office again as I’ve been way too negative about situations at work and home lately.  Here it is:

It seems that in life there are two types of people. The first are treasure hunters. Every day they seek out what is useful and positive. They focus on it, talk about it, and think about it. Each of these moments is treasured like a bright, shining jewel that they store in their treasure chest forever.

And then there are trash collectors who spend their lives looking for what is wrong, unfair, and not working. They focus their energy, time, and thoughts on the trash, and every day they put that trash into a big trashcan.

The treasure hunters proudly carry their treasure into the future, while the trash collectors drag their heavy, smelly trashcan from one day to the next. The question is: When they get to the end of the year, what does each person have—a treasure chest filled with useful, positive memories, or a trash can full of things they didn’t like?

The choice is yours. You get to decide.

I led us out in a BOM and a prayer of gratitude.  Choose to be treasure hunters, brothers.  Here’s to good days and better tomorrows!

Cheers and SYITG,

Mother Goose

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