Temp: 65 degrees and Rainy.

PAX: 15 men present: Doll Face (Respect), Sportiva, Buns of Steel, Hipster (Respect, Respect) , Stella, Folsom, Spacebar, Safe Ride, Nugent, Wentworth, Dome (Hate), Grease Fire, Side Dish (Hate), and Frosty

QIC: U-Haul

It was a raining. Hard. Some pre-runner took off at 0500 in the deluge, hooting with excitement for the weather. YHC was off to set up sheets for The Pre-Thang and The Thang. By the time they returned the rain had let up considerably and we were ready to begin.

[0530] The Opener: “Good Morning!” Presented the 3 F’s of F3, the mission statement, the 5 core principles, and the disclaimer. Finally the F3 Credo.

We focused on Chest, Back, Shoulders and Arms. All the PAX present definitely felt it the later. It was a fun but YHC would definitely mix it up for his next Q there. There are so many other options with Heavy. One of the many perks of the AO.

[0532] Mosey: Warm – a – rama: String of Pearls around the Park 3min (Left weights at playground)
In the middle of the loop: SSH 15, Merkins 15, MOSEY
Open Field by the Obelisk: 10 Burpees, 10 BIG ONES
At Flags: 10 Kettle Bell SWINGS, and… GUEST Q for the one exercise by Folsom of 10 reps Kitchen Sink.

Farmer Carried weights to the concrete area South of the benches.

[0540] Pre-Thang: 8 min.
MEET IN THE MIDDLE – We paired up and did the exercises together. We would run to the Gazebo on the North Corner of the park and do either 1 Pull-ups(U) OR 1 SIT THROUGHS (IC) and then run back to our weights for 20 Floor Presses. Then we did 2 Pull-ups and 19 Floor Presses until we met in the middle at 10 reps for both. Didn’t get very far before a mini-Omaha was called and we moved on to the Benches.

[0548] The Thang: Pairs got with one other pair. It was time for the Grinder between the Obelisk and Bench. 2 Pairs per bench. One pair was the push group to sprint to the Obelisk and accomplish the tasks on the sheet, One letter per round then push back to the bench. The other pair made their way through the Grinder until relieved by the Push pair.

At Obelisk

A-10 Chicken Peckers(IC)
B-10 Aussie Mountain Climbers (IC) C-10 Donkey Kicks (U)
D-10 Diamond Merkins (D)

At Benches-work-through a Grinder

A. Derkins(D) 100 reps

B. Seated Arnold Press (U) 75 reps
C. Renegade Rows (IC) 60 reps
D. Dips (D) 75 reps
E. Step Ups To High Knee (IC) 60 reps F. Dumbbell Curls (U) 100 reps

G. Squats-weighted (D) 100 reps
H. Kettle Bell Swings (U) 60 reps
I. Bent over Rows (U) 60 reps
J. Overhead Tricep Pulls (U) 60 reps


[0603] Post-Thang – Stayed where were but circled up around on square of plants.
A. Seated Hammer Twist Curls (IC) 15 each arm/30 total
B. Curls with Negatives. Up then a 5 Count on the way down. RANCID STYLE on the count.

Farmer Carried weights back to playground/Flags [06:08]MARY –20 American Hammers.

Announcements, Prayers: F3 Ironwood Launching next Monday. Benson Pop-up Sunday the 11th Q’d by Othello.

F3 has meant so much to me. And I feel passed the Honeymoon period of F3, where it new and shiny, just what I need at the right time and workouts were hard but I’ve got my shoes on. BUT the reason I keep coming back because it’s a time and location that I know you’ll be here. That I get to engage with and learn from you all. There is a level of vulnerability that achieved when you go through something difficult with a fellow human. That vulnerability is necessary to practice for Habit number 5 of Highly Effective People and a trait among High Impacting Men, and that is to SEEK TO UNDERSTAND BEFORE BEING UNDERSTOOD.

I ran into Waterboy at Golden Spike and he asked how my little girl was doing and I said “Well. She’s starting to talk a lot and wave her arms back and forth really fast. But everyone says enjoy this part these months” and he said “ya know, stop and Count to ten when you’re with her, because it goes by really fast.”

That is a tool, a piece of life, that really resonated with me for some reason and I thought I would have never HEARD that if I was thinking about myself and never truly seeking to understand his reasoning why he said that. It is a tool that helped me and it may not be anything that helps you now, BUT there is something EVERYDAY that someone has to share that could change your life, if we are willing to SEEK TO UNDERSTAND BEFORE BEING UNDERSTOOD.

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