7/10/21 | Dragon’s Lair | Gretna City Park | Eerily calm for dragon country 

10 PAX: Fish Oil, Lincoln Logs (RESPECT-RESPECT), Blades of Glory, Walt Green-FNG (Unicycle, WELCOME!), Crab Cakes, Tonight Show, Yodel, Biff, Mr. Miyagi 

Q: Boiling Point (BP)

YHC welcomed the PAX to F3 & quickly let them know they were IN the Dragon’s Lair by warning: “Here Be Dragons” and that he was going to be their guide thru this dangerous region in search for said dragons. 

BP went right into the F3 introduction: 

  • Fitness | Fellowship | Faith
  • Mission of F3: To plant, grow & serve men’s small workout groups IN ORDER to invigorate Male community LEADERSHIP. 
  • Five CORE Principles: 1. FREE, 2. Open to all Men, 3. Always held outdoors, 4. Peer led in a rotating fashion, and 5. Ends in a Circle of Trust. 

DISCLAIMER: …or dare I say WARNING: HERE BE DRAGONS – As we explore this dangerous region, keep in mind, I AM NOT a professional fitness coach, a professional explorer, or a professional dragon slayer – so modify as needed.…

Started with a mosey through treacherous waters (church sprinklers) to the church parking lot for Warm-A-Rama. Quickly on this journey, we picked up two wondering PAX: one of our beloved Site Qs, as well as, an FNG – Walt -WELCOME! 


  • Huggers 10 IC – “Love-Your-Self”
  • Sun Gods 10 IC – Forward, then backwards
  • Big Ones 10 IC – Slow Lunge Stretch – Right & Left
  • Tappy-Taps 10 IC
  • Air Squared 10 IC – Air chair combined with air claps
  • Huffy 10-Speeds 10 IC – Alternating Shoulder Taps + Jack Feet

Adventure 1: Mosey to the tennis courts for: Collecting Dragon’s Eggs

  • “Agassis” style – tennis court ladder drill. Partner 2 will Air Squat/Wall Sit while partner 1 collects a dragon egg set by the net. 
  • Each PAX collected 3 eggs, took a 10 count to rest, then had to put each egg back

Adventure 2: Mosey across the park to the gravel parking lot on the northside for: Apple Turnovers

  • Form two lines for a Bear crawl to cone 1. FLIP to the Crab Walk to cone 2, back to the Bear Crawl to cone 3, finish with Crab Walk to cone 4. (Cones were roughly 10yds apart). Mosey back to start. HOLD Plank while waiting. Repeat.
  • 4 rounds were completed, then PAX circled up for 2 rounds of core before venturing to the next region. 

Adventure 3: Mosey to far east tree line. Partner up for: Booyah Merkins + High5 Big Boy Sit Ups

  • Perform 5 Booyah Merkins. Run opposite directions to cones (40yds), do 5 Burpees, run back to meet in the middle for 5 High5 Big Boy Sit Ups – REPEAT Run opposite direction, do 5 Lt. Dan’s, run back to meet in the middle …REPEAT as needed 
  • 4 rounds were completed.

Adventure 4: Mosey to picnic tables in center of park for: Aiken Legs

  • Done in succession with no rest — 20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps (modified due to wet bleachers – Jump Tucks), 20 Lunges (10 each leg), 20 Split Jacks (10 each leg forward). Rinse and Repeated as many times as needed. … 20count for REST 
  • *ONLY 1 round was needed, as YHC could tell our legs were “Aiken” – lol

Adventure 5: Mosey to small baseball field on west end for: “4” of Diamonds

  • *Immediate audible was called as PAX collectively decided to stay off the wet, muddy infield & perform each round in the grass with 4 trees designated to be the 4 corners. 
  • ROUND 1 – 4 Burpees OYO at each tree 
  • ROUND 2 – 8 IC Flutter kicks at each tree 
  • ROUND 3 – 16 Merkins OMD at each tree 
  • ROUND 4 – 32 Squats OMD at each tree

A welcomed “OMAHA!!” was called at 6:46am

Final destination: Mosey back to shovel flag for: 6MOM

  • Heels to the Heavens – 10 IC
  • Bear Hold – IC rancid style two rounds – Bear crawl position, but don’t move. 4 points of contact, hands and toes. Knees should be slightly off the ground.
  • Sarpy Slammers – Rancid Style

Name-O-Rama, named FNG = Unicycle – WELCOME! 

No Announcements were made. Prayer requests for Mr. Miyagi’s traveling family members.

CoT – “HERE BE DRAGONS” – Bravery is a Choice, not a Feeling.

In medieval times, explorers and mapmakers would stamp, “Here Be Dragons” on areas of a map that were unknown, unexplored, or thought to be full of danger. It was meant to serve as a warning. That if you ventured too far off, a fire breathing dragon or GINORMOUS sea creature would swallow you up or destroy you.

Here Be Dragons – This was a method for defining the borders of the world by Uncertainty and Fear. AND is not too uncommon today. 

You see, we still have those stamps… in our pockets, or our junk drawers at home. The bravest of us don’t use it or may have even forgotten where it is. But most of us have worn that stamp out. We know exactly where it is because it never leaves our hand. AND whenever we are faced with something new, something unfamiliar, a new challenge – we are quick to stamp – Here Be Dragons

We have become confined to a tiny, safe blip on this vast map of our lives. We feel protected. The dragons can’t get in, but nor can the life get out.  …BUT what if there aren’t as many dragons as you thought?? 

My F3 journey started in January 2021. And I am proud to say one of the biggest things it has given me, and I’ve seen many of you, is the courage to slay the dragons around you. 

1 year ago, I would have never agreed to lead a group of men in a workout, much less open up and try to be motivational. – HERE BE DRAGONS – Fortunately I have seen so many PAX members do just that – and when I was asked to lead, my answer was an immediate YES. I knew it was a dragon I needed to conquer.

So huge thanks to you the F3 PAX – for your leadership and support! …and if you’re on the fence about Q-ing – because it’s one of your dragons – I’d encourage you to step out of that comfort zone & do it.

Honestly, have you even ever seen a dragon? 


Boiling Point*

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