Wild Kingdom

July 6th 2021

Zorinksy Lake/Park

72 degress and Muggy

PAX: Brad Pitt, Fine Print, EA (hate), Overtime, Blades of Glory, Vandelay (respect), Escobar, Speedsquare, Boomerang, Flannigan, Cutting Edge, Tonight Show, The Curse, Thomas, Crab Cakes, Finkle, Gator, Mufasa, and Cheap Seats

YHC — Cheap Seats

4 brave pre-runners tackled the long 4.5-mile loop around the lake.  Finke and Blades of Glory held a great pace with myself and The Curse coming in shortly behind!

Cheap Seats welcomed 18 HIM to the Wild Kingdom on a hot and muggy morning.  Gave the mission statement, disclaimer and Credo.


We jogged over to the big parking lot by the lake and performed warm-o-rama

20 side straddle hops

Tappy Taps — 12 IC

Tator Taps – 12 IC

10 forward sun gods with calf raise and 10 backward sun gods with calf raise

Performed a crowd pleaser.  Did an elevator up to 5 that consisted of 1 merkin and 1 groiner then 2 merkins and 2 groiners and so on up to 5 and then back down the ladder.

Pre-Thang – we moseyed to the picnic table and split into two groups.  One group started on the picnic tables and performed 15 dips, 15 derkins and 15 step ups.  Second group was on the bathroom wall and completed a 30 sec wall sit, 10 chicken peckers and 10 donkey kicks.  We then switched the groups and each group ended up doing each session twice.

The Thang: PAX moseyed just around the corner on the Zorinksy trail to start a 3 man grinder.  We broke the group into 3 and 1 person started at the bottom and were the push group.  They completed 15 jump tucks, 15 Bonnie Blairs and 10 Burpees.  They then bernie sandered it to the top of the hill and pushed their partner who was completing 15 merkins, 15 T merkins and 10 diamond merkins (rinse and repeat).  That group then went to station 3 down the hill and pushed that group who was completing 15 chuck Norris merkins, 15 werkins and 10 tempo merkins (rinse and repeat).  This grinder was completed until Omaha was called.


Brad Pitt had been with the Omaha PAX for about 3 weeks and since this was his last workout before he hit the road back to Georgia I invited him to lead us in Mary (he gladly obliged).  You’ll have to forgive me but I forgot the names of his exercises but the first core exercise was a big boy with a hammer at the top (we did 20).  Second, we lifted our feet 6 inches off the ground and held that position and then widened our legs and held that position, returned to the first 6 inches hold position and did a 30 second countdown (it was brutal).  Thank you, Brad Pitt, for your leadership on mary.

We they ended with American Hammers rancid style, 19 in total.


We discussed the 2-shovel flag passes this week.  Wednesday was Arm Bar to Doppler at Top Rope and Saturday was Vandelay to Cheap Seats.

Prayer Requests – Finkle started by letting the PAX know he started a new job and to keep him in our prayers.  Secondly Mufasa let us know that Yodel had their baby a couple days prior.  Congrats to Yodel and family.


Focus of the COT was on the F3 principal of “lead in a rotating fashion”.  I explained that over the past 3 weeks we’ve had so many VQ’s and that most HIM are anxious and nervous and don’t sleep the night before their VQ.  I reminded the PAX that this is a good thing, when you’re anxious and nervous you typically do your best to prepare and lead!  I reminded them to embrace the anxiety of leading these PAX and be prepared!

Also focused on the HIM that sets the tone at home.  Your kids will noticed how their Nan Tan acts and will mimic him.  Stay diligent and prepared when you are at home!

Cheap Seats took us out in prayer!

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Wild Kingdom

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