AO: – Aldrich Elementary

July 10, 2021.  6:00 AM and 7 AM.  66 Degrees, and 94% Humidity.  Quiet for now but a major storm line had just come through.  More on that later.


QsIC for both Time Slots: Vandelay and Cheap Seats  


6 AM PAX: Wait Time, Huffy, The Plague, Wide Right, Retweet, Convoy, Gator, Ketchup (Plhhht)- not sure of spelling, Edison, Water Boy, Tater Tot, Gunner, Big One, Room Service


7 AM PAX: Tater Tot, Gunner, FDIC, Folsom, Wentworth


Well, this was a crazy one- at least it was crazy leading up to this one.  This morning was special because we were transitioning leadership at the F3Omaha Flagship AO – The Oracle, to my friend, Cheap Seats, who was more than ready to take the helm. Things had to go smoothly.  Like many, I was awakened at 12:15 AM after a brief nap, by the severe weather line that ran through our city.  Power was out and the storm was loud with tornado sirens going off so into the basement we went.  This didn’t last long and as I went upstairs to go back to bed, I noticed a large mass in our driveway.  About a quarter of our front tree had broken off and landed across our driveway and closed off a portion of the street.  All of this narrowly missed crushing my son’s car but had landed partially on top of it.  As I tried to sleep – thoughts were swirling about how I was going to make it to Aldrich in about 5 hours to meet Cheap Seats and run through our highly orchestrated beatdown so I texted Tater Tot to see if he could swing by and pick me up at 5:15. Of course he responded almost immediately.  Now there are not many groups of people that can text each other in the middle of the night for rides to a workout – and get a response.  That is another conversation.


I really wasn’t going to sleep so I got up and thought maybe I could move the downed section enough to get the cars by.  This was really a stupid thought and demonstrated how ridiculous we think sometimes.  Of course, I could not budge even a small section of it at all.  The best part was that upon arriving, Tater Tot relayed a similar thought he had while driving to Aldrich himself- while considering if he could move a downed tree in the street – similar results.  Anyway, I started cutting the tree apart to free my son’s car so I could drive it through the yard to the street so I could use it to get to the work out and he would be able to go to work when I got back.  Plan A secured – I let Tater Tot know I could get there.  At this point I figured I might as well keep going so I worked on cutting branches quietly tilabout 4:45 in order to open one clear lane in the street- then got ready to head to Aldrich.

Upon arriving there was a smaller group than normal assembling, but based upon the circumstances, I am grateful to all who came for today.  A lot of people had some difficult circumstances to deal with this weekend.

After a brief introduction of ourselves and the purpose of today, Cheap Seats and I ran through the Mission and Core Principles.  We checked for FNGs as we began to Mosey to our Warm-A Rama location

The outline of the work out followed the same approach for both 6 and 7 AM- with minor adjustments.


Vandelay led some stretching:• 3 rounds of Downward Dog and Howl at the Moon poses.• Tappy Taps- 12 IC• Big Ones- 10 count each side

Cheap Seats led some Calisthenics• Skipping 20 yards and back• Butt Kicks 20 yards and back• Kareoke thing 20 yards and back


This was a partner Obstacle Course so we all paired up.  The Obstacle Course consisted of:• Wheelbarrow length of court• 20 Dips on bike racks• 15 Pull ups or Derkins• Short Run• 15 Donkey Kicks• 15 Burpees.

Each group then repeated – switching partners for the wheelbarrow.



A Three Man Grinder done in pairs – yeah figure that out.  Basically- groups of 6 with 2 guys at station and A and 2 at Station B and a running group in between.  The point was that no one would be alone.

Cones ( paint sample cans) were set up about 75 yards apart (in Methodist parking lot).

Exercises at A and B were AMRAP until relieved.

Station A: Chest- Arms• Merkins• Mountain Climbers• Werkins• Plank Jacks • Cherry pickers • Chinooks with Vert Pickle Pushers• Sun Gods F and R• Seal Claps• OH Claps


Station B: Foundation• Lunges (do some for each leg)• Freddie Mercuries• Smurf Jacks • Big Boys• Air Squats• Plank • Bobby Hurleys• Low Dolly• Crab Humpers


At Omaha, Group gathered and ran back to shovel Flag area for Mary.



At the 6 AM group we did:

Box cutters – 17 IC for some reason – For Vandelay

Flutter kicks- 17  IC for no one in particular 

Room service led an exercise I can’t remember

And Wait Time led us in 30 American Hammers.  This covered all the previous Site Qs- except Lowman – who we very much miss.


Cheap Seats, Vandelay and Tater Tot tried our best to recreate this experience for the 7 AM group.


• Went as planned for both – mostly- If I had followed directions, it would have been better.



We have a lot of expansion coming up next month – please check Slack• Please be mindful of a lot of people that will need help today and tomorrow.• Heartland Hope F3 opportunity next weekend.


• Prayers for all those affected by the storm• Prayers for all those that will be working to get everything back to normal.



I have thoroughly enjoyed being the Site Q for the Flagship AO- The Oracle.  When asked if I would be willing to do this, I wasn’t sure I would be a good fit, but I was determined to make it great and develop a new identity here.  It would now be 2 Beatdowns per week and we were still away from our home at Boystown.  I think our temp home became a great Saturday home and I always looked forward to Saturday morning CSAUPS, but my hope was to be Site Q at Boystown, but that isn’t in the cards.  The greatest gift I received from this experience is the opportunity to connect with so many as I was looking for Qs each week and the time spent helping VQs prepare for their experience.

As we looked for the next Site Q, it didn’t take long for someone to stand out.  Although, there are a number a great men in our organization, it became very evident that Cheap Seats would be the next Site Q for The Oracle.  I admired how he connected with nearly everyone and was always checking in on how guys were doing.  He also gravitated to the 2 workout Saturday idea and regularly attended both times.  His enthusiasm and genuine spirit are infectious and I think he generally raises the mood of people that are attending Beatdowns with him.  I value his friendship and look forward to supporting his leadership as we transition back to the Boystown campus.


Cheap Seats discussed what F3 has meant to him and his growth, including the relationships he has built. He expressed his respect and appreciation for this opportunity and assured us of his commitment.

Cheap Seats:

Vandelay has been a truly great HIM and leader of this site for the past year.  I’ve respected the way he’s handled himself throughout a very trying year for everybody.  Vandelay has been instrumental in my development and passion for F3.  Always picking me up on pre-runs when I was the 6 and making sure I felt Welcome.  I owe a great bit of gratitude to him and will be forever thankful.  Vandelay will be the first one on the Q when the OG Oracle opens back up : )  Thank you Vandelay!


Vandelay took us out in prayer at 6 and Cheap Seats covered prayer at 7.


Sorry this took a while, but we didn’t have power til Monday so laptop usage was limited.



Vandelay and Cheap Seats

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