Pax: Toadstool, Lansbury, Betamax, Cavalier, Scrunchy, Smashmouth, Edison, Buns of Steel, Greek Freak.

Q: Greek Freak

Warm O’ Rama: Ran 1 lap around site.

  • Side, Straddle, Hop ICx20.
  • Sun Gods ICx10 (forwards and backwards)
  • Carolina Drydocks x20
  • Big Boys x20
  • Cherry Pickers ICx20
  • Merkins ICx20
  • Copperhead Squats x20
  • Monkey humpers ICx20


  • Split into 2 teams. First person ran across parking lot and performed 10 burpees and ran back to team as they did Mountain climbers/Alt. Shoulder taps/Freddy Merc. First team to finish with all members won.

The Thang: 2 man Grinder:Run around parking lot1 time while partner did AMRAP of workouts listed below: Burpees, LBCs, Carolina Drydocks, Merkins, Imperial Walkers, and Squats.  

6 MOM:

Flutter Kicks X20 IC

Low Dollys X20 IC

American Hammers X 3 Per PAX Rancid Style IC = 27 total

COT: Anticipation and regret are easy to fall into. It’s easy to not live in the present moment. I tend to dream about what the future holds or how things could have been better in the past. My wife and I had recently went on a vacation that we waited to go on for 15 years. Instead of enjoying the moment, I gravitated toward complaining and wishing things were better. I was reminded we need to enjoy the moment and stage of life we are currently living in. It is easy to wish things in the past were different or hope for the future to be better. Let’s try to be thankful and content with the present vacation, stage, status, and moments we are living in now!

-Greek Freak

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