PAX (30): Crawl, Yogi, KOA, Eartag, Splinter, Blades of Glory, Speedsquare, Smashmouth, Highlife, Greasefire, FNG (Welcome!), Skidz, Skittles, Swiper, Ferdinand, Levy, Schrute, HardHat, Echo, Boiling Point, Feeny, Double Dip, Armbrah, Doubtfire, Biff, Crab Cakes, Arch, Tony the Tiger, Escobar, JCMP

QIC: Jean-Claude

Pre-Run: Smashmouth, Grease Fire, Crawl, Ferdinand, Splinter, Tony the Tiger, Swiper, Armbrah, HardHat, Double Dip

Warm-a-rama: 15 SSH, 10 Tappy Taps, 10 Hillbillies  QIC advised PAX he would be infusing some old content from previous Qs with new content, in an effort to pay homage to the past while enjoying the present; PAX was instructed to number off in 4s.

Pre Thang: Short mosey to the tunes of Mac Miller’s (RIP) feel-good hit “Best Day Ever” because, as I look back, 2 years ago today was one of my best days ever.  (this was last year’s opening song from my and Clorox’s 1 year Anniversary Q).  Once we arrived by the sheds, QIC instructed the PAX to line up against the wall and we performed Donkey Kicks and Merkins to “Bodies hit the floor” by Drowning Pool (new).  Once complete, QIC instructed Pax to get into their groups and line up single-file by the circular gravel path.

The Thang:   Because JCMP is apparently known for his running workouts, and there were a number of inquiries to the nature of today’s workout beforehand, he decided to change things up.  There would be no more running.  Just walking.  ZOMBIE Walking.

Each of the 4 groups lined up single file, and were instructed to perform a lunge walk, with the last person in line bear-crawling to the front, while enjoying the music of Rob Zombie’s “more human than human”. But, there’s more!  Upon hearing the chorus to each rob zombie song, the PAX was instructed to stop their zombie walk and perform….burpees until the chorus finished.  Upon completion of the first leg, QIC may have commented on “y’all Mfers didn’t wanna run”, but this cannot be confirmed.

2nd song: Breaktime, giving the legs a rest.  The song “Get Low” by DJ Snake and Dillon Francis was queued up, harkening back to the Walnut Creek Pop Up JCMP hosted last fall.  Song consisted of a low plank on the chorus “get Low”, and Merkins to the beat of the rest of the song. Arms Done

3rd Song: Back to the Zombie Walk: “Dragula”.  Same game, different name. (Halloween Q)

4th Song: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, harkening back to 2020’s anniversary Q at the Maize.  This was originally performed with merkins, but the Arms were toast, QIC made an audible to switch to abs.  Scissor Kicks, then performing a Big Boy situp on each “happy”.  Abs done.

5th Song: “Living Dead Girl” Zombie Walk.  Legs and Shoulders now done.

QIC called for a mosey back to the Warm-O-Rama area, instructed PAX to circle up

6th Song: “Zombie” by the Cranberries (RIP).  High Plank, Mahktar N’ Diayes on each “Zombie”.  Core done.

# Off/Name-o-rama/FNG/Announcements/Prayer Requests/COT/Buckle Presentation/Prayer:

Welcome FNG: PK

Announcements – Sarpy is Expanding!  Grease Fire (Whoosh!) will be hosting pop-ups starting in July to offer a  Non-Murph workout on Mondays at PQ to compliment Titan Alley.  Sign up to guest Q!  We are excited to steal the intent of the Octagon and bolt it on down south.

Prayer Requests – Knobbs’ Father; Family in Shadow Lake whose house caught on fire; the family of Kevin (SpeedSquare).

COT –  While I didn’t have anything inspirational to share, I did want to reflect on my past 2 years with F3 and share with all the new faces my evolution.

  • F3 is not just a workout, if that’s all you are participating in, you are missing out
  • Don’t let F3 become your mistress; find balance in all facets of your life
  • Getting Right doesn’t mean just getting fit; it should be the catalyst to addressing all areas of your life.
  • I used to think the highlight of my day was the workout; it’s not.  It’s the doorway to 2nd and 3rd F opportunities.  If you are looking for purpose, for connection, or just meaningful shared experiences, you are in the right spot.
  • Life is short, capture as many sunrises as you can.

Buckle Presentation – the DC boys for making the trip down.  Don’t be strangers!


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