Brickyard backblast – July 9, 2021 | Brickyard AO | Stinson Park | Weather 71ish 

PAX: Polaroid, Doll Face (RESPECT), Samples (RESPECT), Big One, Bloodshot, Ice-T, Huffy, Dirty Bird, Spacebar, Jeeves (RESPECT), Fiddler (RESPECT, RESPECT), Folsom, Blackjack, Stella, Ruxpin, BetaMax, Beeps (HATE)

Q: Room Service

Stinson Park took in a little rain shower overnight so the grounds were moist but air felt crisp on this beautiful July morning.  Room Service welcomed the PAX, gave the mission of F3, recited the 5 core principles and verified that he was not a professional.  The PAX moseyed around Stinson Park and met on the playground for Warm-A-Rama. 


Windmills – 10IC

Imperial Walker – 15IC

Sobriety Sun Gods – 10IC (forward and back)

Cherry Picker – 15IC

SSH – 20IC


Crowd Pleaser – 1 merkin followed by 1 groiner up to 5:5 and back down to 1:1 – BetaMax sounded like a professional counter during this portion.  Typically YHC stops at the top but this group was here to sweat so we went up and down.  Someday we will try for the 6er.

The Thang 

Counted off in groups of 4.  2 men stay at station 1 and 2 men go to station 2

Station 1 (push group):

Curls – 15

Overhead press – 15

Rows – 15

Bear crawl up the hill to Station 2

Station 2

Air squats – 20

Lunges – 10 ea/leg

Johnny Dramas – 20

Bobby Hurley – 20

Rinse and Repeat with an ab exercise between each round with group of 4


LBC – 15 IC

Elbow to Knee – 15/side

Rancid Style American Hammer


Jeeves has a family member Kathleen that is struggling through health issues

Tugboat had to take his daughter in on Sunday, they are back home now 


The prayer requests were timely as they went with something I heard yesterday.  A PAX member was planning to meet up for coffee later in the week with a work counterpart who was in his mid 30’s.  3 days later he called him back and since they had last spoke was diagnosed with colon cancer and was at a stage that needed emergency surgery.  This is a tragic story that many have encountered but shines light on the fact that our time is not guaranteed.  Take advantage of the time we have been granted and do your best to stay on course to make the most out of each and every day.   

Room service led us out in prayer

Stay clean!

Room Service

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