8 July 2021 / The Maize / Copperfields Park / 75 degrees – just right

PAX (15): Crab Cakes, Curry, Kingsford, Sump Pump, Bear Grylls, Ketchup, Fine Print, Gator, Tonight Show, Mr. Miyagi, Speed Square, Barn Door, Blades of Glory, Escobar and Sasquash.

QIC: Sasquash

Pre-run (3): Barn Door, Blades of Glory and Sasquash. I arrived at 4:45PM since I was overly excited. I patiently waited for my 5AM crew.

I welcomed 14 HIM to the lovely Maize and told them I was SaSQUASH. It was time to “plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.” I reminded everyone that they already did the toughest job of “showing up” which Tonight Show embedded in my memory bank as the red pill. T-Claps to Tonight Show who continues to be one of my biggest champions as I lead.

It was time to mosey. I took them to the trail leading us to the “mini” hill for Warm-O-Rama. But first we would do some synchronized leg movements and side shuffles, followed by lunges before circling up. For those of you that have experienced my lead a few times, you know I like the traditional Warm-O-Rama of Side Straddle Hops, Sun Gods, Cherry Pickers, Tappy Taps, Windmills and Smurph Jacks.

We then got back in our paired lineup to tackle the “mini” hill with lunges on the way up and jogs back down for 5 times.

We were then ready for a game of “Blackjack” on the lake side. The view was ready for us too. Absolutely gorgeous! We started with 20 Merkins and then made our mosey over to the bench near the water. A good 100 yard or so run. It was then time for LBC’s. Only 1. Just 1 10 sec hold. At this point I felt compelled to call out PAX to lead along the way. Sump Pump did not hold back as he fired up the block with a powerful cadence. Then Ketchup created a “meow” rhythm that would end with burpees if not stopped appropriately amongst the “meow” cadence. We then made our way to the other side for 19 Merkins. Back down to the water for 2 LBC’s (10 sec holds). This was about when Mr. Miyagi called me out for the “futbal EURO style” start to our Warm-O-Rama. We made it down to 14 Merkins and 7 LBC’s before it was time to embrace a moment of PRESENCE as we staired at the sunrise. I mentioned the Zen saying about chopping wood, carrying water, watching the sunrise. Do one at a time!


We made our way back to the shovel flag. At this point it had been established that Sump Pump, Curry (Sump Pump’s nephew and Kingsford son) and Ketchup brought their A game.

It was then time for the American Hammer. Sump Pump deserved this one. He delivered his “get the demons out of the closet” approach!

Announcements and Prayers: Prayers for Mr. Miyagi and his family and they embark on a long car ride adventure. Prayers to Blades of Glory as he deals with an evaluation that greatly impacts his ability to spend time with his kids.

CoT: Time is our greatest asset. Life can move quickly and we need to find the joy in slowing down and being present. There is a Japanese expression called Kotsu Kotsu that translates to “step by step.” Steadfast diligence! Whether you are texting, making a great recipe, hanging with your kids, planting seeds for the garden, be fully present in that task and be fully in that moment. It is not the destination or the trophy, it is the journey, if you can enjoy the journey, you can enjoy your life!

Aye! Sasquash

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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