7/2/2021 | The Combine | Kiewit Middle School | 70 with 100% Humidity

PAX (14): Sparty, Blades of Glory, Speed Square, Convoy, Craddle, Bubbles, Happy Camper, Gator, Saul, Brad Pitt (Respect, Respect), Armbar, Boomerang, Fine Print, LPC


The Pax conjured around the shovel flags in great anticipation. A handful of HIM mosied in from the pre run and stood by for follow on order. After the greeting. The beatdown commenced: 

Mission of F3

Plan Grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership

5 core principles

100% Free

Men Only

Always Outdoors

Peer Led

Always ends in a Circle of Trust

The Pax were led to a not so routine location and circled around for a warm O rama in the parking lost on the opposite side of the school. From there they were led back to near the shovel flags for a pre thing. 

Pre Thing.

In groups of 3. One guy at the base doing shoulder taps while one man at the top doing lunges. The push element was the third member. They bear crawled up the hill to relieve the man lunging and that man descended the hill by crawl bearing to relieve the man doing the shoulder taps. 

F3Omaha had 14 PAX post at F3 Combine 7.2.2021 

77 Degrees clear and extremely humid.

Spartry, Blades of Glory, Speed Square, Convoy, Cradle, Bubbles, Happy Camper , Gator, Saul, Brad Pit, Arm Bar, Boomerang, Fine Print, LPC (Q)

Thang Stations (Explained by LPC)

Numbered off  into 2 groups. 4 stations around the track.  Each side of the 50 yard line and one each end of the endzone. Each group starts at the opposing sidelines. Alternating running forward and backward between stations.  


  1. Dips 25 & Squats 25
  2. Burpees 10
  3. Walking mercans 
  4. Mountain Climbers 20 IC



Attention to social distancing, family and friends battling health issues. 


LPC – Things happen for us not to us. We have no room or time to play the victim. We have too much potential and too many people that need us to lead.

F3Omaha - 2100 posts

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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