PAX: Wait Time, Wide Right, Mother Goose, FDIC, Hardhat (Hard Sombrero), Z-Bo, Othello, Mufasa, FNG (Sunshine), Tater Tot, Flowers, Cataracts, Blades of Glory, Tug Boat, Barndoor, Pantyhose, Short Sale, Speed Square, Strokes, Golden Pike, Fine Print, Huffy, Kielbasa, Gator, Griswald, Roadhouse, Armbar, Doppler

Armbar and Doppler greet the PAX looking oh so great in there singlets. Shout out to the men who dawned the spandex on this great morning.

3f’s, 5 core principles and mission statement given. Disclaimer spoken and the morning begins.

Warm O Rama

Mosey around the building. The energy in the group is very high.
Circle up on the blacktop
Tappy Taps 10 IC
Imperial Walkers 10 IC
Sun Gods F/B 10 IC
Stance n Motion- Wrestling Stance with Block Downs, High Knees and Burpees. 3 rounds

PRE Thang

A wrestlers buddy warm up
PAX is to partner up with someone around the same size. Because we are lifting people. Partner 1 goes to the first cone. Partner 2 to the second cone. Stance until the 6 and same thing back.
Piggy back
Double Leg Lift
Fireman Carry
I had to teach at least one wrestling move. I chose and arm drag to a body lock. Some PAX were naturals and could easily drop someone on their head. Others might choose to talk there way out of a situation.

The Thang

Partners stayed together and were instructed to find another team to pair up with for a Tag team Grinder.
The partners not running, complete the following exercises until their partners return.

10 Buddy Derkins (Wheel barrow derkin), 10 Big Boy Tag-ins (Big Boy to High 5), 10 Fireman Squats Squats (fireman carry squats) (Rinse and repeat until tagged out by your tag-team duo)

Exercises at the far set of cones, Complete one exercise and run back to tag out with the other team.
Bropees x 10
Chuck Norris Merkins x 20
Monkey Humpers x 30 (IC)
Plank Jump Overs x 20 (10 Each)
Navy Seal Burpees x 10

6 Minutes of Mary:
In memory of his freshly shaved stache Wait Time chose heels to heaven
Short Sale who EH’d me in November, chose Freddy Mercuries
Roadhouse was recognized for having the 7th best costume of the morning chose Star fish Crunches
Tater Tot took us out with Rancid Style American Hammers


Way back when on my second Q(I said VQ but was correct by othello that it was actually my second Q at the maize.) I had many errors in what I did. At the end of that Q Tator Tot shared some wisdom with me. “It’s not about the workout”. So I went back and read every back blast from the year as site Q at the Rope. I didn’t read what the workout was or how many merkins or Burgess we did. I read the CoT’s. Because that’s where the glue comes from. I found 2 common themes around the 47 I read. Hmm I must not have posted a few. Do it now and do it around great people. We all make that choice every day. We are living our best lives now and with great people by choosing to post most days. And I am grateful to F3 for that.
I changed my life’s motto a few years back. “I am grateful for the opportunity”. I even got it tattooed on my leg. So I am so grateful for the opportunity to lead and more so I found that I am grateful for Dopplers Opportunity to take over. He is a HIM through and through and after getting to know him more I am excited to see the direction he takes this baby of mine.

-Signing Off as Site Q from the Rope-ARMBRAH!!!

-Signing In as Site Q at Top Rope – Doppler

I am in charge now.
I am the chosen leader
I made it here on my own

I… am full of it.

When I first came to F3 I was an empty cup. Over the past months my cup has been filled with the love, support, kindness, and inspiration of the men who surround me not just in this circle but so many other men that are a part of the F3 community. I am able to lead now and give back to F3 because I have been given so much that now my cup is over flowing and I am able to help those who have helped and led me.

I took a moment to go around the circle personally thank each member there for what they have given to me over the past 8 months.

Thanks especially to Armbar for seeing leadership potential in me and trusting me with taking over his Site.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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