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VQ: Jack Rabbit



10 + 10 Sun gods

15 Goof balls IC

15 Tappy Taps

20 cherry pickers

20 Pickle Pushers IC

12 Alabama Ass-Kickers

25 Merkins

10 Line jumps side-to-side, both feet IC

10 Line jumps front-to-back, both feet IC

5 Line jumps side-to-side, left foot then right foot IC

5 Line jumps side-to-side, left foot then right foot IC

Pre-Thang (Free Throw Special)

2 PAX shot free throws.

0/2: Full loop run

1/2: Apollo Ono across court then sprint up the hill and back

2/2: Sprint up the hill and back.

The Thang


Home base:

  1. Merkins
  2. Alternating Jump Lunges
  3. Bobby Hurleys
  4. Kettle ball thrusts
  5. Carolina Dry Docks

***Rinse & Repeat***


  1. One leg jumps, 5 left + 5 right to cone 1
  2. Run to cone 2 & run back to cone 1
  3. Skip to home base


  1. Partner up: leg throws: 15


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