Cornhusker Handicap

July 6, 2021 / AO – Cornhusker Handicap / Temperature: 75 with 44% humidity

Pax: Gunner, Doll Face®, Trench, Panty Hose, E-85(H), Grillz, Blue Chip, Tater Tot, Ponzi, Bubbles, Dome(H), Arm Bar, Safe Ride, Tube Socks, Slow Pitch, Surf and Turf, High Life, Frosty, Othello, Nugent, Icy Hot, Two Step, Splinter, Polaroid, Khakis®, Swiper, Smash Mouth

Q: Side Dish(H)

Started promptly and welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30. The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and 5
Core Principles were given. 
Mission: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of
male community leadership.

Core Principles:

1) Free of charge
2) Open to all men
3) Held outdoors
4) Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion
5) Must end in a Circle of Trust
Disclaimer: I am not a professional, modify as needed
No: FNG’s

The PAX moseyed around Stinson Park before returning to the playground for a series of stretches
Dynamic stretches1. Side straddle hop2. Wind mills3. Sun Gods

We moseyed from the park up the street and past Inner Rail to the equipment on the North Side. Pax split into three groups and were responsible for 1 weight between them. 2 members of each team ventured out and chose from a set of exercises to do before returning to their team. Each following pair would do that exercise and tack on another. Pax not on an excursion passed a weight around while doing planks, LBCs, mountain climbers, and merkins. Repeat until Omaha.

Excursion exercises:- Burpees- Mountain Climbers- Monkey Humpers- Merkins- Air squats- American Hammers- Dips

Post Thang:

Staying in the teams, Pax formed three chain runs while passing the weights forward and backwards amongst themselves, not unlike a baton. By the end, the three had formed one giant chain run as we approached the shovel flags. The Pax finished with 10 burpees and a round of Rancid-style hammers.

ANNOUNCEMENTS/PRAYERS: New OA opening 7/12 at 60th and Underwood hosting murph-inspired beatdowns. Prayers for the Baldino family and for those who have lost someone or are going through a hard time. 


Never assume someone knows how you feel about them. Whether it’s your M, kids, parents, or friends, you may think they understand, but it never hurts to make sure they know. Instead of leaving them guessing or assuming that they know what you mean, reiterating that fact, belaboring the point, ensures you’re both on the same page and can provide assurances for both of you. They can’t read your mind, so don’t expect them to.


Side Dish

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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