I am Jeeves 2-year anniversary June 29, 2021

I am Jeeves  

6/29/21. The Colosseum AO | Westside High School

PAX:  Frosty, Beta Max, Samples (Respect), Jack Rabbit, Stella, Kielbasa, Bloodshot, Dr. Thunder, Sportiva, Vandelay (Respect), Lansbury, Bear Grylls, Edison, Tugboat, Smashmouth, Ice T, Toadstool, Huffy, Polaroid, Tater Tot, Grease Fire, Spacebar, Honey Stinger, Blackjack, Halfpipe, Grills, Bubbles, Stinkbait, Zbo, Big One, Sister Act, Sven, Plague, Sparty, Othello, Scrunchie, Ponzi, Chiclets (Respect), Brazilian, Ambien, Super Nasty, Bonnie, Tin Cup, Monkey Bars, Tenderfoot, Baskins (Respect), Wentworth, Safe Ride, Khakis, Abacus, Slow Pitch, and I am Jeeves!   

Q: I am Jeeves and Slow Pitch

Weather:  Moist, kinda hot.

Slow Pitch arrived at 5am to do a run through of some items he had potentially in store for the celebration of Jeeves’s 2-year anniversary.  This started with incline merkins up the bleachers, one on each going up, then was trying to figure out dips on the way down. This was scratched, so he did trial run two and merkined his way up again, to then try alternating lunges on the way down. The bleachers were quite moist from the humidity, so there was a lot of slipping and this was going to be dangerous. He came up with another idea, squats on each up, then down. This is working great, then on the second to last bleacher, Slow Pitch’s foot slipped, and he rammed his shin into the bleacher, then drug it down the eight inches until his foot hit the pavement. Alright, scratch the bleachers.  By this time, there were PAX members starting to show up and Slow Pitch figured there could be some modifying.

Slow Pitch wore his Robin shirt in honor of being the sidekick to Jeeves, a man that loves Batman and was wearing a Batman shirt. At about 5:25 Jeeves arrived, and the two Qs mumbled about best approach to the Q. There was a constant stream of men coming onto the track from the parking lot and Slow Pitch started to realize this could get a little out of hand. Khakis looked at SP and said there’s over 50 friggin guys here man. Slow Pitch looked at Jeeves and the two embraced for a long hug. This was needed by SP and he was pleased that Jeeves took the time to just stand there and hug. 

Game Time! The two Qs got the beatdown started by tossing the mission statement, principles and some banter back and forth.  We then gave instructions to the PAX to mosey around track ¾ of the way to midfield and circle up.

Here’s where there was some participation needed from the PAX. Jeeves would pick out a member and Slow Pitch would ask a question about Jeeves. If the answer was wrong, there would be an 8 Burpee penalty. If right SSH, 10IC

What is his least favorite? Burpees – SSH 10IC

What is his favorite number? 8 – 7? Wrong – Burpees

Song he played during the child’s pose at his VQ?  Here comes the sun. Wrong – Burpees

What elementary did he go to? Holy Cross – Wrong – Burpees

Favorite Christmas song? Little Drummer Boy – Wrong – Burpees

What is the mascot of the university he went to? Hawks – Wrong – Burpees

Favorite TV show? Doesn’t have one right now. – Wrong – Burpees

Who EH’d Jeeves? Right – SSH 10IC

What is his favorite superhero? Batman – Right SSH 10IC

What is his favorite exercise? IYOWT Sweep

“I am Jeeves” Pre-Thang.  Here is where things get very foggy for Slow Pitch. There was just so much going on here. Jeeves demonstrated the IYOWT Sweep exercise for the PAX, then there was some dancing. Kindaa free for all, Jeeves leading the PAX and when Slow Pitch looked around the circle there was some guys dancing like Rodney Danger field “So what? So, let’s dance!” and some staring in amazement or puzzlement. Either way, not a single mofo in that circle had done this exercise ever before. 

There may have been a question or two here about Jeeves and some burpees. This was to get re-centered, as the vehicle was on the rumble strips and we were trying to prevent it from going in the ditch. 

The Thang: 

The Jeeves jamboree bodyweight exerciseswith hear the drummer get wicked.

What is written down was: some new, some existing, planks, crab walk, bird dog, dead bug, walk, jog, run, jog walk. Child’s pose.

What happened was:

Jeeves’ Co-Q blacked out a little here too. He remembers there was some child pose, some arms to the side, then reaching for the sky, deep breathing, but there may have also been some singing, dancing, air drums and a song that Polaroid and Tater Tot got a song going about the Jeeves Jamboree, to the tune of the little drummer boy. This is where we left the road, into the ditch and Slow Pitch was in awe of what was going on around him. This was magical! So many guys, putting their machismo in their pocket to laugh, sing and dance with such a delightful moment andman.  There aren’t enough thank you’s to be handed out here. 

At some time, Slow Pitch’s alarm went off on his watch and it was like waking from an amazing dream, but it was real…it was real!  We split into two groups for the Post Thang: 


Line up at endzone; 20 Groiners on up together, then sprint to the 50. Turn around get set on linefor coming back; 20 Groiners, sprint back.

Line up at endzone; 20 Groiners on up together, then sprint to the other goal line. Turn around get set on line for coming back; 20 Groiners, sprint back.

Line up at endzone; 20 Groiners on up together, then sprint to the 50. Turn around get set on linefor coming back; 20 Groiners, sprint back.

We caught our breath and now we circled up forMary.

​Call out Mary: Jeeves called out a PAX member to do favorite core exercise and then we ended in Hammers…Rancid style. Thank you Khakis!  52 PAX, Jeeves! 52 came to celebrate your anniversary! 

Announcements and Prayers:

COT: He is Jeeves and he’s been in F3 for 731 days.

Jeeves is a gift to all of us here and all of the lives he touches. Some of us have been blessed enough to have Jeeves pick us up when we were the six, or maybe we get lucky enough to have him as a partner in a grinder or run next to on a mosey. Maybe he has enlightened you at coffeeteria or Q source. There has even been a time that some of us were working out with him at one AO, yet he was in the namarama video of another…on the same day. Jeeves is a gift, and my life has been positively changed by his presence, love, conversations, desire and willingness to better those around him and himself. At his VQ, his COT was so moving it’s been the topic of discussion long after that date and I will leave you with his simple message:1. Be Present2. No judgements3. Take time for others and yourself.

And lastly: Set an example, as you never know who is watching.


Well, Jeeves, we’re watching, we’re watching and thank you for showing up 731 days or as you’ve put it 2 years and one day.

Happy 2-year anniversary!

Blessed to Co-Q with Jeeves – Slow Pitch

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