Back Blast // Paradise – 0545 // 6-30-21
• 70 degrees with humidity- perfect workout conditions
• PAX= 26
• Skipper, Tube Socks, Saul, Icy Hot, Gunner, Toto, Horse Toth, Stella, Buns of Steel, Slow
Pitch, Biff, Sister Act, Waterboy, Vanilla Ice, Ice-T, Merch, LPC, Tin Cup, Grillz, Grease Fire, The Plague, Black Jack, Sparty, Stitches, FDIC, Ambien.
VQ: Retweet
• Q welcomed PAX to Paradise promptly at 5:15 am reminding the group that Paradise is a running AO. The Q recited the 5 core principals, mission statement and disclaimer that the Q is only a semi-professional. No FNGs were present.
Mosey commenced northwest to Borsheim’s.
• Tappy Taps 20IC • Merkins – 20 IC
The PAX then proceeded uphill to Regency Park (there was some confusion as the Q indicated we would run the normal route backwards). Reverse may have been a better word.
At the top of the hill the Pax performed:
• SunGods20F/BIC • Merkins – 20
Pax then proceeded clockwise around Regency park and stopped at Harney Parkway:
• 15 Merkins
• 30 second plank
Down the hill we proceeded with Alacrity. We stopped at the South end of the lake by the clubhouse:
• 15 Merkins
• 30 second plank counted by FDIC.
Around the lake we forged with a view of a beautiful sunrise.
We arrived back at Paradise in fine form were we performed 27 American Hammers:

Announcements/Prayer requests:
• 1776 CSAUP this weekend
• HorseTooth warned us of a car trying to pick up kids in the area.
Q told the group that considering this was Paradise and this time of year – it would be appropriate to tell the following story.
Q and his family were on his in-laws in Yankton, SD on 7/3/2016. This is a spot of Paradise for the family. After a great day on the lake, the Q headed to the shower and his wife went the other way with her father.
A couple of minutes later there was panicked banging on the door to the bathroom. Q’s kids and brother in law told him he needed to come now. Mom is hurt, “it’s bad” said his brother in law. Upon arriving upstairs he encountered his M lying on the floor covered in blood and writhing in pain. A gun had accidentally discharged and hit her in the abdomen.
Over the next 4 days, she underwent 3 surgeries, with 3 more over the next 5 months. She spent 44 days in the hospital and did not work for 8 months. During this time the amount of large to small acts of kindness received were unbelievable. The family had a meal train for over 3 months. Card and flowers were numerous. Calls and texts came for many, many people, including from some who were going through serious health issues.
Please keep in mind that no act of kindness is too small. A card, call, text, meal, all will be remembered and welcomed. If anyone ever has a meal train, I would like to be part of it.
M is in great shape now and completed the Brick Builder event a couple of weeks ago. We plan to run 7 miles along the lake in Yankton this weekend just like she did the day she was injured.
Thanks to Sky Q/Heavenly father for the day and the group. Let the mission of F3 continue to grow and reach others in need.

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