06/30/21: Top Rope 

A Primal Friendship – Release the Beast Within 3.0

 “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” — Anais Nin

Temp:   70 degrees.

PAX: (27)  –  U-Haul, Hard Hat, Blades of Glory, Barndoor, Smashmouth, Wide Right, Mother Goose, Slick, Gator, Rollbar, Italian Job, Caravan, Brad Pitt, Nemo, Fine Print, Patton, Speed Square, Dr. Thunder, Bear Grillz (sp?), Kill Switch, Moonman, Armbruh, Cradle, Boomerang, Doppler, FNG The Count, Othello.  

QIC: Othello

The Opener –  Othello presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, the five core principles, and the disclaimer. 

(1) FNG’s today  – The Count

Mosey – The PAX moseyed to the parking lot across the street. 

Warm – A – Rama:

20 (IC) SSH

15 (D) Carolina Dry Docks

20 (IC) Jump Squats

15 (O) Rosealitas  

20 (10 U, each leg) Dirty Dogs

20 (IC) Goofballs

3   (D) Werewolves

Mosey – The PAX moseyed to the north wall of the school.


7 (U) Donkey Kicks

7 (D) Air Squats

7 (IC) Monkey Humpers

7 (IC) Crab Humpers

Sprint to the end of court and back. 

14 (U) Donkey Kicks

14 (D) Air Squats

14 (IC) Monkey Humpers

14 (IC) Crab Humpers

Sprint to the end of court and back.

21 (U) Donkey Kicks

21 (D) Air Squats

21 (IC) Monkey Humpers

21 (IC) Crab Humpers

Sprint to the end of court and back. 

Mosey – The PAX moseyed around the playground and back to blacktop. 

The Thang:

Against the wall on the north side of Aldrich, PAX found a partner. 

Partner A

AMRAP – Chicken Peckers

AMRAP – Crunchy Frogs

Partner B

Spider-man crawl to cone (half court)

3 Circ Burps

Bear Crawl to the last cone (end court)

3 Circ Burps

Mario Jump on the way back


Mosey –   The PAX moseyed to behind the school


Tunnel of Love – 😀

21 (IC) Pickle Pushers 

Mosey –  The PAX moseyed around to the new shovel flag location



14 Gas Pumpers

7 Big Boys

14 Freddie Mercury

7 Flutter kicks

27 American Hammers



Shovel pass next Wednesday at Top Rope! 

Armbar – Doppler!

Costumes encourage!

1776 Patriot Games – CSAUP

5:30 am / 7am – Aldrich

6 am – Pit

Dragons Lair – Closed.

Oscar Mike – Closed.

Canyon – 7 am Beatdown 


People traveling this holiday weekend – Rollbar

People down in Florida after the building collapsed

Family in the Ozarks

Message from the Q:

 “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” — Anais Nin

“Yin and yang (or yin-yang) is a complex relational concept in Chinese culture that has developed over thousands of years. Briefly put, the meaning of yin and yang is that the universe is governed by a cosmic duality, sets of two opposing and complementing principles or cosmic energies that can be observed in nature.”

When it comes to male friendships, I challenge you all to go out and find your yin or your yang. Who is the opposite individual you could learn and grow from while they are learning and growing from you?

I am very grateful to say I have one and I have learned and grew so much as an individual because of his influence. 


I have known him for the past seven years of my life and I would not be where I am today without him…

And Smashmouth, we’re kinda like threesome, ask everyone at Loveland :D.

This “new world” of making physical fitness a priority and how to push my boundaries as I explore now fitness journeys, I owe that to Armbar.

This is why our friendship works so well, we understand each other’s passions, work ethic, and approach to life:

He’s the athlete, I’m the artist.

He needs flexibility, I need structure.

He goes with the flow, I need a sense of direction.

And since we are able to understand each other perspectives in life, we learn from each other and grow as men. 

Armbar taught me how to push myself in the direction of physical fitness. West loop of Zorinksy, Prairie Lane Boot Camp, Tough Mudder 5k, Lincoln Half – Marathon, F3 Omaha. As an athlete, fitness planning and executing is in his wheelhouse. I was the guy who had no idea what I was doing when I tried to lift weights in the gym.

Armbar has told me I helped him to become more empathetic and connected to the people and communities around him. I would challenge him during conservations and ask him the “why” of his statements or opinions… This was a theatre exercise, you always ask the “why” to get a deeper meaning of an individual/character’s actions.

When I go off the rail in a conversation about a problem or an issue, he often responds. “Okay, now you’re thinking too deep… I see your point… but it’s not that deep, dude.” This helps ease my anxiety at times, lol. 

From early morning coffee chats in the classroom to howling whisky debates on his back deck, Armbar and I have always found ourselves in well-connected and boisterous conversations which allow us to gain more each other’s perspectives in life. 

Ask Smashmouth, our Rock Band name is “Obnoxiously Loud”

Like a big brother, Armbar always encouraged and championed my growth as an individual. He reassured me I was accelerating in my own way and encourage me to keep going. The moment when I came out to Armbar as bisexual, his response was “Cool! That makes sense,” which I initially was hesitant to tell him because I did not know how he would respond. I lost past male friendships when that happened and it’s an awkward situation to experience. However, that was the moment when I knew he was my best friend.  

It’s a great feeling to be able to engage in conversation with someone and explore topics such as race relations, gender identities,  sexual identities, political parties and challenge each other to grow mentally.

It’s a great feeling to engage in conversation with someone about the F3 workout they experienced and the physical challenge they endured that morning that helped them grow physically. 

Ask Smashmouth, Armbar and I talk A LOT… In fact, Smashmouth… just sits there, vacantly stares :D. 

Thanks, Armbar for being my best friend, and congrats on your year as Site Q of Top Rope!

  • Othellooo!

Armbruh led us in a closing prayer, thank you bruv. 

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