Backblast: The Farm – (Block Party) 7/2/21

Yeeeehaw I say!  Welcome to Springfield, NE at the Sarpy County Fair Grounds on 4th of July eve, eve.   What a morning as there was a touch, and I mean a touch of coolness in the air compared to the typical humid heavy so we will take.  Almost gave you a little pep in the step, until the pre run started and then that first hill on main street sucks the life out of you…  When I arrived to setup there were already a few pre runners stretching rearing to go so I quickly tossed my cones down, greeted the overachievers and we were off.  TTT and Jean Claude’s green beam was soon to be only what looked like a firefly in the distance.  They gone.  Trench, Ferdinand and High Life (great to see you back!) carried my complaining butt to the finish line. The rolling sweats were officially on. 

Returning to the shovel flags the PAX were gathering and you could feel the Friday of 4th of July weekend energy picking up.  If you don’t know this already there is a specific way you pull in and park at The Farm.  Leave it to The Big One to come plowing through the wrong way, I think on purpose to show his dominance, but a discussion for another day… I smiled because he was there to say the least.  After a combined effort introduction and hammering home that we will pick up the six we set off for a short mosey to the floodlit grassy pasture next to the circus tents getting ready to sell black cats and snacks in just a few hours.  The group seemed to grow by 3-4 on the run there as if they lived in a nearby creek bed.  Warm A Rama was firework inspired but relatively short and uneventful as we had our eye on the grand finale…

PAX: Ferdinand, Big One, Jean Claude, Skidz, Schrute, L Train, Tony The Tiger, Overtime, Squeaky Clean, Lucky Charms, Escobar, Animal House, Arch, Gunner, Big House, Crab Cakes, Golden Pike, Yogi, Trench, Ragrets, Khakis (respect), Echo, High Life, EA and Tater Tot.

Warm A Rama

1) 10 Jumping Jacks or SSH

2) 10 Side Winders or Big Ones

3) 10 Cherry Bombs – One Cherry Picker into a chest explosion on the ground. 1, 2, 3, Kaboom!

4) 6 Duds – Failure to launch – hold a squat for 10 seconds into a jump squat

We numbered off 1-4 around the circle ending a perfect 24 (yes, there were 25 total, I know…) and mentioned that this is your group for the remainder to the morning.  It was announced again that we would do the exercises as groups picking each other up.  That they did.  That they did indeed.

Pre Thang: The M80

A short mosey back near(ish) the shovel flags where we gathered in our four groups from left to right or north to south for those keeping track at home and Tater explained the deets.  In 1966 the world of fireworks had a bad year.  Regulations would put a stranglehold on the joys of legally blowing the crap out of trash cans with the usage of M80’s.  So in honor of 1966 we paid tribute to the banning of the M80 and came up with an exercise that I nominate be banned as of July 2, 2021 moving forward.  Each group would complete together a 19 foot steep incline hill craw bear (reverse bear crawl) and at the top of the hill 6 burpees together and repeat 6 times.  Here is the deal.  I practice in my living for timing with a slowed crawl.  Let me be clear, it was not the same.  After the first round and literally hearing zero mumblechatter I thought to myself, either this is way too easy or everyone is dead.  No in between.  What I was not prepared for was a black truck to park next to us and see a somewhat annoyed and confused Khakis jogging up the hill to join group four.  He was mumbling something about something and this and that but I just smiled and was excited to see him.  The morning was getting better by the second. 

Modification options were announced, 10 counts were taken but everyone was determined to get through these darn things come hell or high water. As groups finished you could Al Gore or join in with a group to help them finish.  I love it when the power of the PAX come together to help complete an exercise and would again show its face later during The Thang.  We collected our thoughts and made another short mosey to main street where the block party awaited our arrival. 

The Thang – Block Party

While catching our breath and getting our wits Tater explained and demonstrated the sequence to the groups.  Group 1 and 2 would stay on the north side of the street in the parking stalls and groups 3 and 4 on the south side.  At the bottom of the street there was a cone with two exercises listed and would complete them congruently in a 1 to 1, 2 to 2…up to 7 to 7 ratio.  This would take some practice with leading but man when groups figured it out it was on.  Upon completing your cone you would either run up or down your side of the street to a different cone with 2 exercises and complete, then rinse and repeat.  Up and down we would go.  Lots of hand slaps between passing groups and motivational yelps to other groups.  This makes Tater smile as well.


Cone at bottom of main street:

  • Merkins
  • Plank Jack (IC)
  • 1 Merkin, 1 Plank Jack (IC) adding up to 7 Merkin, 7 Plank Jack (IC); It is 28 total of each if you really want to know.

Cone at top of main street:

  • Jump Tucks
  • Side Straddle Hop (IC)
  • 1 Jump Tuck, 1 Side Straddle Hop (IC) adding up to 7 Jump Tucks, 7 Side Straddle Hop (IC);

Omaha!!!  was called once Tater Tot’s alarm yelped at 5:48am.  Our group was at the bottom of the street and we jogged up to the top to gather and mosey back to the flags.  It is pretty typical once Omaha is called that PAX shut it down but sometimes a group wants to finish what they started.  With one of the groups on 4 of 4 on their set the PAX started to join in together to finish rounds 5-7.  You could feel the authentic and genuine collective effort to help finish.  It was organic and felt really really good.  I honestly thought for a second if I needed to turn around and see if anyone had chosen to follow the directions and go to the flags but that thought was erased within seconds as you could feel the energy building and was confident that our credo was in full force.  “Leave no man behind and leave no man where you found him.” Nothing needed to be said.  Everyone just understood what was happening.  Round 7 was completed and heartfelt “great job” were heard.  Now we can mosey back to the flags.  They get it. Tater was again smiling.

The Grand Finale

As we circled up around a blue cooler Tater Tot asked what is typical ending to a firework show as if the PAX would say anything other than a grand finale.  It was pretty simple.  Tater set a timer for 2 minutes and encouraged men to pump out as many burpees as they could or help someone next to them do.  The clock started and within seconds someone said “No music?” It was pretty quiet but just like that TTT started talking about what he enjoyed grilling for the 4th and the rest was history.  Food talk always passed the time faster.  Period.  A few gentle reminders for one minute, 30 seconds and then the final push of 10 seconds.  Kaboom!  That was it.  Omaha.  And no Mary @futurama….

Name A Rama –

During count off I asked for help to distribute water balloons to the PAX and it was explained that if you have ever filled 100 water balloons the evening before usage you will be left with about 1/3 of the amount you started with in addition they somehow turn into non-breakable grenades.  Tater Tot let the group know that they had a choice at the end of the video they could all target him considering he deserves each and every one of those hits or to pick out a PAX member they respect and give them a little love.  But no head shots.  Those are the rules.  Here is the video if you have not yet seen it (

You will hear me react at 43 seconds to a kill shot to the back of my neck that about dropped me into next week.  For the record I said no head shots but nothing about the back of the neck so we were good…There was a lot of love and smiles during that name a rama and appreciated the buy in to be a part of it. 


  • 1776 Patriot Games: Oracle 5:30am/7am and The Pit 7am/Dragons Lair Closed/The Canyon 7am. 
  • Pop Up’s next Thursday and check Slack for more info
  • Expansion is coming, more than 330 individual PAX have been posting, over 25 FNG’s in the last couple of months in 68046
  • I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of prayers shared this morning.  Often times with a larger group we tend to be quiet.  Not today and in fact too many to remember but they were heartfelt.  Some shared very sad news and others had hope. 


Time was up and we had to go so I decided to pull in the ball of man with COT and prayer combined.  I had recently heard someone mentioned on the radio that a person/conversation they had with someone was a breath of fresh air.  It made perfect sense and you could instantly relate to what was being described.  I asked the PAX to close their eyes, take a couple of deep breaths in and exhale and go back to their childhood and remember their 4th of July weekend with family or a holiday that feels good.  Picture running around outside in the heat, or by the pool, or the smell of the grill.  We can all go there quickly.  I then asked them to take a walk from the outside oppressive heat and enter the house that is pumping out that wonderful cool air condition and feel that blast of fresh cold air that hits you.  It feels so real and can almost stop you in your tracks. 

I explained that this is who you are to others.  Don’t underestimate what you have to offer to those around you that go about the day.  F3 is a group of men that have the capacity to be the breath of fresh air that so many need and yearn for.  We often talk about giving back to our community though volunteering or donating money which are great ways to give back.  But it is always important to understand how much you are giving back just by being you and taking the spirit of our mornings into the world and sharing.  It is a great reminder that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves and that others are watching and learning and breathing F3’s fresh air. (I was reminded by Crab Cakes following the COT that specifically during the ball of man it was not exactly a breath of fresh air. Very true Crab)

I can’t thank you enough for the love and energy you brought this morning as it was an absolute pleasure leading these men.  Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July with your friends and family and looking forward to seeing you again in the gloom very soon.


Tater Tot

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