Wild Kingdom Backblast

6/29/2021, 65 degrees and humid

PAX: (21) Thomas, Boomerang, Cory McGranahan FNG ( Flannigan), Speed Square, Griswold, Hard Hat, Brad Pitt (respect, respect), Swiper, Girl Dad, Blades of Glory, Short Sale, FDIC, Crab Cakes, Escobar, Skids, Big House, Cutting Edge, White Claw, Patton (respect), Butterfly (respect), 

Q:  Hawg

Normal mission and purpose statements stated followed by a strong disclaimer; this will hurt so adjust as necessary. This workout was designed by Wax On from F3 Houston so there will be much complaining. 


Little baby arm circles IC x20

Reverse circles ICx20

Seal claps IC x 20

Overhead claps IC x 20

Tappy taps  IC x 10

Big Ones  IC x 10

The thang:

Bearway to heaven:

1 burpee, followed by 10 bear crawl steps, 10 crunches, then lunge walk back.

Then…  2 burpees, 20 bear Crawls, 20 crunches.

All the way to 5 and then step back down.

Rinse and Repeat

6 MOM:

The Stinel_ we did enough core work in the thang that we needed something else for shoulders. 

Circle of Trust: (Nearly forgot to do this after the excitement of naming of our FNG, Flannigan)

My COT is about resiliency and determination. One thing I have learned in F3 is to take all people at the point they are in life and insert them into our group. I am usually the oldest person working out at most workouts. The easy thing for me to do would be to just not show up. That doesn’t happen because of guys like everyone of you that accept that I can’t do as many reps or run as fast but you still accepted me in the gloom. We have started doing a Respect workout where we celebrate our advancing age and the slow decline of our bodies.  It is encouraging to spend time with this HIM as many are older than I am and continue to post every day of the week. That inspires me to push myself farther and harder than I would on my own. Being in the gloom with my brothers builds my resiliency and it increases my determination. I lean on the pack to hold myself accountable.

Lean on each other as you continue this journey of life. Together you can be resilient. Alone you will fail. We are built for community. Keep accelerating and pushing yourself everyday. This is you against you but you aren’t doing it alone.  It takes determination to survive the game of life.

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Wild Kingdom

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