1 July 2021 / The Maize / Copperfields Park  / 68 degrees –  clear

PAX (20): Brad Pitt (Respect, Respect), Slick, Ketchup, Griswold, Barndoor, Speed Square, Yodel, Dr. Thunder, Bear Grylls,  Blades of Glory, Fine Print, Crab Cakes, Kingsford, Sasquash, Venus, FNG Nature Boy (welcome!), Escobar, Big House, EA (hate) and Gator .

QIC: Gator

Pre-run (7): Gator, Blades of Glory, Barndoor, Escobar, Slick, Speed Square, and Griswold

I arrived at 4:30 to set up stations and coupons. A nice crowd of pre-runners started to gather. The Maize was my first pre-run and we had a couple first timers today (great job, PAX!).

With 20 of us in a circle, the Q went over the 5 core principles and the F3 credo that we “leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.” But the Q also let the PAX know that the saying would be equally applicable to coupons this morning.

Disclaimer and then we welcomed one FNG and started our Run-A-Rama


This is a mix of a warm-a-rama and a one-mile run.

We started at the shovel flags with…

SSH x 20 IC

Then we ran to Atlas Street at the bottom of a steep hill – a well-known spot for the Maize regulars and pre runners. Then we did…

Windmills x 10 IC

Making our way up the hill we stopped halfway and did…

Big Ones x 10 IC

We kept running up the hill and rounded the bend to some flat ground. Stopped briefly in the parking lot to ponder beers, manicures, and…

Cherry Pickers x 20 IC

Griswold guessed correctly that our next activity was to run. And it was all downhill from there (in a good way). We paused for some…

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Then completed one mile on our return to the shovel flags. One more exercise just for fun:

Goof Balls x 10 IC

On to the thang…

The Thang

PAX broke up into four groups of five and started at one of four stations. Once the exercise was completed or pushed, PAX would take a coupon with them to each station… No coupon was left behind.


















We made it through about two-and-a-half cycles of stations before the Q took great enjoyment in calling OMAHA and circling up for Mary…


Gator Death Rolls x 10

Gator Spears x 5 (right arm up)

Gator Death Rolls x 10

Gator Spears x 5 (left arm up)

Freddie Mercurys (with extended arms) x 10 IC

PAX did a great job with a tough workout where we never stopped moving. Finally had a moment to recover and do Name-O-Rama

FNG Nature Boy told us a great story that will stay in the gloom.

Announcements and Prayers

The 1776 Patriot Games are this Saturday at Aldrich starting at 5:30 a.m. and another starting at 7:00 a.m. The Pit is open at 6:00 a.m. and The Canyon is at 7:00 a.m. Neither Dragon’s Lair nor Oscar Mike will be open.

Pray for all to be safe in their travels and gatherings.


T-Claps to Bear Grylls for nailing today’s Trivia Question by correctly naming Thomas Jefferson and John Adams as the two U.S. Presidents that died on the same day. And Bear Grylls even knew that they died on July 4th! (Your next coffee is on me, brother!)

The reason I brought this bit of American history trivia up just before we celebrate July 4th was the part of the story about John Adams’ last words. After more than 50 years of rivalry with Jefferson, Adams seemed to still hold a grudge against Jefferson.

They were both on the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence and wanted Independence Day to be on different days in July (Adams wanted the 2nd) and they ran against each other  for President two times, each going 1-1 (Adams won in 1796; Jefferson in 1800).

They didn’t speak to each other for many years, but later in life began writing letters to each other. Adams collapsed on the morning of July 4, 1826 and was on his deathbed for several hours. Seemingly bitter that Jefferson would outlive him, Adams’ final words were (so the story goes), “Thomas Jefferson lives!”

It turns out that Jefferson had died five hours earlier. And despite Adams’ great accomplishments, at the end of his life he was more focused on his rivalry with Jefferson.

We all have things we’ve felt bitter about. Didn’t get a job or promotion. Didn’t get into the college you wanted. Bad break up. Friendship ended poorly. We’ve got to let those things go. We should push ourselves to avoid feeling bitter about disappointments and should try to lean into being joyful. Have a safe a happy Fourth of July!

– Gator –

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