The Sanitarium – June 29, 2021

77 degrees, a warm, June morning

Pre-Runners (high Life, Double Dip and Baby Shark) took off at 5am and ran a loop around Papillion

PAX: Feeney, Arch, Lucky Charms, Gump (downrange from Jackson, MS), Icy Hot, Knobs, Levy, Baby Shark, Double Dip, High Life, Animal House, Rooney, Squeaky Clean, Hot Cakes, Sweet Roll, Gobbler

At 5:30, YHC welcomed the PAX in attendance.   I stated the F3 mission statement, the 3Fs (Fitness, Fellowship, Faith) and the 5 core principles (Free, Open to all Men, Held Outdoors, Led in a rotating fashion, End in a COT). On our way to the Warm-a-rama/Pre-thang, I mentioned that I am not a professional,  so modify if needed. 

Warm-a-Rama – The Friends we make Along the way.

            The PAX numbered off in groups of 4 and moseyed to their cones. Once at their cones they further were broke down into groups of 2. Once the group completed their exercises at their starting position, one group of two moved around the track in a clockwise direction, while the other group of 2 went in a counter clockwise direction, meeting a new group at the next cone: (Complete 2 laps around the track)

            1s Station – Big Ones – 25

2s Station – Butt Kickers – 25

3s Station – Cherry Pickers – 15 (IC)

4s Station – Tappy Taps (15 IC)


26 – LBCs

26 – Low Dollys

26 – Heel Touches

26 – Flutter Kicks

26 – Hammers

Thang – Hilly BLIMPS – 2 man Grinder

Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Squats

Each PAX member completed AMRAP BLIMPS while the other partner ran to the top of the hill, did 15 Monkey Humpers and returned. 


26 – LBCs

26 – Low Heal Touches

26 – Flutter Kicks

26 – Hammers

Announcements/Prayer Requests:  Asked for prayers for Gump and safe travel for all of those who were attending the CWS.  Animal House asked for prayers for his co-worker Dan, who was in the hospital with some health issues.

COT:  The workout today was broken into a few numbers, 52 and 54.  These have some meaning to me on my 1 year F3 Anniversary.  On Fathers day, June 21, 2020, I made a promise to myself to lose weight.  Just 1 pound a week for 52 weeks.  I hit my goal weight of 200lbs and lost a few more.  My anniversary Q is a bit late due to a family vacation, but before I jumped on a plane I weighed 198 lbs.  With my 37lb suitcase, I didn’t even weigh what I believed was my peak weight.  I had attempted to better myself before, but it was a big rollercoaster.  Lose a bunch, get burned out, put weight back on. But my goal was simple, 1lb every week for a year.  The goal was achieved because of so many PAX that offered support through texts, phone calls or conversations during pre-runs or during workouts.  I wanted to send a special shout out to the following PAX, (in no particular order) Lucky Charms, Huffy, Safe Ride, Toad Stool, Swinger, Wait Time, Brazilian, Jean Claude, Firewalker, Knobs, Gunner.  They welcomed me to F3 with open arms, sending texts of encouragement, all while pushing me outside my comfort zone.  To the rest of the F3 Omaha PAX, your stories, personalities and amazing work ethic continue to inspire me and continue to hold me accountable.

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