Your Humble Correspondent (YHC) did, in fact, arrive a little early to setup and connect with any pre-runners before the beatdown. And true to form, Saferide and The Plague were already there when I showed up about 0457. I saw them off as my man, Dome was pulling up. Chiclets was also there, but YHC did recognize him in the Gloom until later. YHC just saw a statuesque man get out of his car about 5:02, hide his keys and take off. Should of known it was him. Dome graciously offered to help YHC setup because that is the kind of guy he is, but I told him that I was good and with that he was off for his own pre-run.

By the time YHC finished setting up laying down “winkie” sheets for the PAX to follow and returned to the shovel flags, Pony Express and Gunner were already there at 0518 for a pre-beatdown connection. YHC was so thankful for this time with them as he could practice the very thing the COT would revolve around, “Seeing each other”.

Temp: It was a wonderfully warmer Omaha morning at 77 Degrees with an unsuspecting chance for lightning and thunder (which did happen).

PAX: 22 Total in attendance. Chiclets(Respect), Tenderfoot, Saferide, Buns of Steel, Blue Chip, Bloodshot, Spacebar, Brick, Honey Stinger, Scout(Hate, Hate), Pony Expr(NEEIGGHH)ess, The Plague, Dome(Hate), Fiddler(Respect, Respect), Othello, Sven, Gunner, Spreadsheet(Hate), Stitches, Rice-a-Roni, Doll Face(Respect).


YHC specifically greeted everyone as they arrived before we began. First time he had done that and that will not be the last.

(The following is a blend of a pre-planned document and an AAR)


[@0530] The Opener: “Good Morning!” Present the 3 F’s of F3, the mission statement, the 5 core principles, and the disclaimer. FNG’s? Not this time. F3 Credo. 

Take care of each other. Pick up the Six. Start together, End together and let’s have some fun. Let’s move! 

[@0532] Mosey: Mosey to Creepy Corner

[@0535] Warm – a – rama: 3-5min

12 (IC) SSH  

12 (IC) Tappy Taps

20 (IC) Sobriety Sun-Gods /10 forward, 10 reverse

20 (U) Shoulder presses 

[@0538]Mosey up hill to the Bio-Stairs

[@0540] Pre-Thang: 6 min

Partner up with someone across the circle from you. Look them in the eye and point to them.

In pairs up the Stairs or on the Wall – Sprint up to the…

1st Landing, 15 Monkey Humpers. WALL for 5 Donkey Kicks(U).

2nd landing, 10 Monkey Humpers. WALL for 10 Chicken Peckers(IC) 

Top landing 5 Monkey Humpers. WALL for 15 Australian Mountain Climbers(IC)


The PAX were all getting after it this morning and YHC quickly learned that with 22 HIM, those stairs would be a bit crowded even if some pairsstarted on the wall. The PAX naturally will group together into bigger groups as the beatdown continues. I am all about that. Will use this for next time.

[@0546] Mosey to the lawn in front of the College of Education for 4Push Stations.

[@0548] The Thang: 15-20 min

Count off into groups of 4. Station 1 is the Push Group. At other Stations, Groups will move through the sets exercises on the sheet. When you get cut off, next time you show up to that station pick up where you left off. 

Station 1: Push Group: 10 Burpees. 

Then sprint to climb wall(Modify as needed)

Station 2: Rotate through Arms, Chest, Legs

20 Dips (D)

20 Step ups (IC)

15 Derkins (D)

15 Squat Jumps (D)

10 Incline Merkins (D)

10 Bonnie Blairs (IC)

5 Diamond Derkins (D)

5 Box Jumps (U)

Rinse and Repeat until pushed

Sprint Station 3

Station 3: By the Benches. Core and Shoulders.

20 Heals to Heaven (IC)

20 Caro. Dry Docks (D)

15 Big Boys (U)

15 Alt. Shoulder Taps (IC)

15 Dips (D)

10 Groiners (U)  

10 Ranger Merkins (D)

5 Burpees (D)

5 Box Jumps (U)

Rinse and Repeat until pushed

Sprint to Station 4

Station 4: In the Grass. Core and Legs.

30 Squats(D)

20 Rosalitas(O) 

20 Air Presses (U)

20 Frozen Freddies (IC)

15 High Knees(IC) 

15 Maktar N’ Diayas

10 LBC’s

10 Crab Cakes

10 Copperhead Squats

Rinse and Repeat until pushed

Sprint up Hill to Station 1

It was a fun time on the lawn in front of the College of Education at The Woodshed. Pony had mentioned that he had not been up in that area in a hot minute. Since Huffy’s Q a while back, I believe. 

In the middle of the beatdown, lightning was spotted in the not too far distance as thunder clouds began to roll in. Pony and Othello assured YHC that Saferide would make the call if need be and that he has a good Truth Nugget about that. Someday I hope to hear it. 

[@0605] Omaha. Mosey back to Shovel Flags.

It was on the Mosey back where a few of my favorite things about F3 happened. Most of the PAX had pulled ahead on the way back to the Shovel Flags, while Fiddler, Pony, and YHC hung back for as the Six. Fiddler fervently waved us on, but we would not leave him. He again,insisted on us going ahead, but we did not leave him. Slowly but surely more and more of the PAX came back, like The Plague, Dome, Stitches, Honey Stinger (who lit up the Gloom with his smile and welcomed the impending rain) and a few others. When YHC looked back as saw so many of the PAX rallying around the Six, well.. that is a sight I won’t soon forget. My heart welled up with gratitude for the men of F3Omaha. 

That, AND The Plague had blurted out “That sucked U-Haul!” on the way back. Ugh. Music to my ears. I was then truly reassured that YHC had provided a solid first F for the PAX this day.

[@0610] 6MOM: 1 – American Hammer. 

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama,


Third F, Northstar at 4pm today Friday 06.18 with a setup beginning at 3:30pm. Contact Wentworth for more details if need be. 

Saturday(tomorrow) Father’s day beatdown with 2.0’s at The Oracle and The Canyon.


STITCHES’ wife is about to have a baby and our prayers go out to her that everything go smoothly and safely. 

DOLL FACE’s friend Greg has just checked himself into Rehab and our prayers go to a healthy recovery for him.

COT: I have been thinking a lot about legacy. As some of you know, I recently got to visit my friend in D.C. and then attend a Memorial Service for her last weekend. Her name is Rebecca, but knew her as Bec. 

One of the things that made Bec so special is she could see people. Do you know what I mean when I say that? She could see ALL of you for who you are honestly and then chose to acknowledge out loud the best in you. She made everyone feel like they mattered. That was her super power. She signed every Email with the phrase. “Be Excellent to Each Other.” Her father at the end of the memorial service, challenged all of us, to “Be Excellent to Each Other.” 

Not coincidently, I was listening to the famous cellist, Yo-Yo Ma speak, a few days after about how he felt performing for JFK when was 7 yrs old. He had just immigrated to this country and he was naturally, scared. But that evening, a world renown Composer Danny Kaye, at that event, did something all too rare. A 7 yr old nervous, Yo-Yo Ma walked up to this man he admired and introduced himself. That was when the composer literally came down to his level in order to speak with the boy”in order to be an equal.” In order to “See” him. That is what Yo-Yo Ma remembers most about that day.

I hope that you take some time this weekend and find someone to “See” and be present with. Look for the best in them. And take up the challenge to “Be Excellent to Each Other.”

[@0617] Out for Coffeeteria at ROAST.


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