Pre-Run (4:45 a.m.): Baby Shark, Ferdinand, Trench, Tony the Tiger, Tator Tot

Some great mumble chatter on the run. The air was thick and the initial hill on main street made it sticky. Right on cue, the rooster crowed as the men ran back west on the rural road. Solid pace of just under 8:00 mins a mile.

PAX: Gunner, Zorro, Boiling Point, Schrut, Tator Tot, Girl Dad, Sweet Roll, Trench, Blow Out, Ferdinand, Tony the Tiger, Arch, Big House, Over Time, Yogi, Escobar, Hot Cakes, DoubtFire, Speed Square

Q: BabyShark

20 PAX and an FNG (to be named Yogi) met on a hot and sticky morning at the Farm. BabyShark introduced himself and asked for FNG’s. Big House and Esobar chimed in and introduced FNG Adam, later to be named Yogi. BabyShark announced F3, the mission statement and the 5 core principles. He also noted that he is not an expert and recommended that all PAX modify as necessary. Then it was off for a quick jog around the town square to meet up in the middle for warmarama.

Warmarama: The group circled up with BabyShark in the middle. BabyShark led with 15 Tappy Taps in cadence; 15 Imperial Walkers in cadence; and 15 Copper Head squats in cadence. The goup then headed south to one of the larger outbuildings to find a wall suitable to keep the group together for wall sits.

Pre-Thang: 21 Pax lined up against the wall of an outbuilding and got into a sitting position. Starting with BabyShark on the south end the PAX got into a squatting position against the wall and took turns counting in cadence. BabyShark called for a 10 count once the last member completed a cadence. The exercise snaked back to BabyShark followed by another 10 count. This was repeated for a total of 4 sets of wall sets (21 PAX counting off). With the legs burning it was time to give the upper body a bit of a burn.

The PAX jogged to another building that has an exposed beam to work the upper body. BabyShark announced 6-Pack’s as the next exercise, which went as follows: 1 pull-up/5 Merkins, 2 pull-ups/4 Merkins, 3 pull-ups/3 Merkins, 2 pull-ups/4 Merkins, and 1 pull-up/5 Merkins. This exercise was repeated twice. BabyShark was tempted to add a third, but it was time to move on to the Thang.

Thang: BabyShark had the PAX pair up. The pairs then found another pair that would serve as a push as the other pair performed BLIMPS (AMRAP) while the other pari ran around the light poles. BLIMPS were as follows: Burpees (5), Lunges (10), Imperial Walkers (15), Merkins (20), Plank Jacks (25) and Squats (30). This went on for approximately 20 minutes until Omaha was called.

Mary: The group moseyed back to the flags and performed American Hammers in cadence with each PAX taking a turn.


Naming of FNG: The FNG entered the circle and after learning a bit about the new member, who told us one of his favorite hobbies/activities was to camp, he was given the name Yogi.

Announcements: Rember the upcoming half-marathon run on last Sunday of the month, which will start at Stinson Park. The 1776 CSAUP beatdown is July 3rd at 6 a.m. at the PIT. Don’t miss it. Tony the Tiger is planning a fundraiser run for his sister to raise awareness and money for anurisms. More details to come.

Prayers: Prayers for hurting PAX. Continued prayers for Knobs and his family. Gunner offered a prayer for all fathers, including PAX that are fathers. This was a great segway into BabyShark’s COT.

COT: Today in history… BabyShark’s third son turned 5 year old today. Also, as an avid reader, BabyShark mentioned that on this date in 1947 the Diary of Anne Frank was published. He picked a qoute to share from the book:

“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.”

BabyShark talked about being good fathers and good role models in their families. He addressed the power of remaining positive and continuing to give good advice to our children as they are the ones who ultimately decided and form their own characters. Try to avoid stiring your children into a certain path, but give them the tools they need to become good strong characters.

BabyShark ended with a prayer.

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