06/25/2021, Friday, Something like 70F ridiculously humid

7 Pax: Tenderfoot, Bovine, Stitches, Grease Fire, Samples, Frosty, Two Step

Q: Two Step
0530: Q welcomed PAX in the North Parking lot of Elmwood Drive, reminded them of the Fs, stated the mission and listed the “circular” core principles of F3, determined the absence of FNG, and disclaimed his nonprofessional status.

Mosey: to the Grotto

Warm O’ Rama
(began amid a mild cannabinoid aroma)
Tappy Taps
Tater Taps
Monkey Humpers
Abe Vigoda Windmills
Cherry Pickers

Moseyed out of the Grotto and onto the park lawn east of the Pavilion (aroma had become thick enough to interfere with beatdown)
Seal Claps
Overhead Claps
Side Straddle Hop

Pre-Thang :
Pax paired up
Tammy Wynotts

Mosey to the further eastern and lower of the two Eastern UNO drives leading to Dodge, separated by long grassy hill.

Pax kept pairs from prethang and performed Thang exercises in tandem.
Elevens at bottom and top of hill between the two drives.
Bottom: Big Boys and Bonnie Blairs (1:10, 2:9…)
run to top
Top: Mountain Climbers and Monkey Humpers (1:10, 2:9…)
run back to bottom
By the time the first group got to 10:1 at the bottom, Q called Omaha and all seven did the final 10:1 of BB&BB together.
Mosey Back to Shovel Flag

6 M of M
Flutter Kicks
Freddy Mercuries
American Hammders Rancid Style


Prayer Requests:
Stitches’ M due with #4 any day

I’ve been learning more about what it means when my M brings conflict into our relationship. I’ve always been conflict averse. As I developed, somehow I got the stupid idea that if ever I did not like a situation, my first goal should be to suck it up, deny my emotions or desires for comfort and pleasure, and just get through whatever hard thing I faced. I thought that’s what it meant to be a mature adult and succesful parent and partner.
Well, it turns out denying your emotions may not be the healthiest choice. Healthier is understanding and accepting the way you feel, matching that up with truth and searching for a solution to whatever problem might be affecting you. This is something my M is particularly good at. Me, not so much. I am much better at denial and avoidance of my feelings.
In fact, I am so bad at emotional awareness, that I commonly feel anxious when she doesn’t take the same approach as me. I also misinterpret her attempts to improve our relationship as a rejection of it and an affront to me, as if she is unsatisfied.
What I’ve been learning, however, that her confronting me with problems in our relationship is  actually her way of showing that she dies care about me and our relationsihp. She cares so much about it that she is willing to be vulnerable, commonly masked by frustration, and ask me to help make our relationship better for both of us. It is a sign of love and engagement and devotion.
In a new podcast I’ve been tracking, Abby Wambach, US Women’s National Soccer Team, described an analogous sporting situation. When your coach is yelling at you, be thankful. You are still good. Your coach still sees value in trying to make you better. It is when your coach feels that there is no sense in trying to make you a better player that you need to be worried.
I’m hoping knowing this could help me to respond more effectively to my M, or in any other relationship.

Two Step

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