June 26, 2021 | AO: The Oracle (6AM) | Aldrich Elementary School | Temp 78 Degrees

PAX:  Wait Time, Room Service, Bubbles, Doppler, Good Life, Dirty Bird, Pothole, Rancid, Khakis, Folsom, Ice T, Tuna Fish, Starfish, Vandelay, A Bomb, Jeeves, Slow Pitch, DaVinci, The Plague, Griswold, Waterboy, No Doze, Nemo, Squirt, Two Step, Grillz, FDIC


At 6am sharp, FDIC welcomed the PAX to The Oracle, gave the F3 mission statement, assuming they knew the 5 core principles, and very importantly reminded them that YHC was still not a professional, and to modify, as needed.

We moseyed to the medical center parking lot and jumped right into the warm o rama

Warm O Rama

SSH x 10


– 20 arm circles each direction

– 20 seal claps

– 20 overhead claps

We then did squats/hold Al Gore to the song Flower by Moby

After the PAX felt their hamstrings burning, we jumped into the Pre-Thang


Kicked off the playlist

Lazy Dora – Partner Up

– 100 Diamond Merkins (10)/ Plank 

– 200 LBC’s (20)/ & in Leg Hold

– 300 Monkey Humpers (25) / Al Gore

  (as luck would have it, Uptown Funk came on for perfect timing and rhythm to monkey humpers).

Next was The Thang.

We would continue to keep the jamz blasting and run down the road less traveled doing a Burpee Chain Run (a chain run, where the back PAX drops, does 3 burpees, and runs to the front of the line, and the next PAX in the back drops). We would stop at each parking lot on the way to do group exercises based on a card drawn from a standard deck. 


Face Card – Burpees (10)

Ace PAX Picks exercise & reps

2- Goofballs (15)

3-Hand Release Merkins (20) 

4- Scissor Kicks (20)

5- Pickle Pushers (15)

6-AST (20)

7-Baby Dips (20)

8-E2K (20) 

9- Bolt 45’s

10-Bonnie Blairs (15)

We got through 8 stops of exercises before needing to run back as a group to the shovel flags..


Took it out with Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Holding a plank position through the song, doing a merkin every time ‘Thunder’ or ‘Thunderstruck’ was sung.  If the PAX had anything left, they didn’t after finishing this song.

We then circled up, dripping with sweat (you would’ve thought it rained on us during the workout), and commenced the usual activities.


Luke 14:28-30: “Is there anyone here who, planning to build a new house, doesn’t first sit down and figure the cost so you’ll know if you can complete it? If you only get the foundation laid and then run out of money, you’re going to look pretty foolish. Everyone passing by will poke fun at you: ‘He started something he couldn’t finish.’

Counting the cost of what you choose to take on, and make sure you have built in margins in your life to account for the unexpected.

This past week, completely overwhelmed, stepped into checking out a youth ministry opportunity, a lot of time, and then on Fathers Day, found a water pipe leaking in the basement, had to clear everything out, rip up flooring, etc.  And that extended into the week with my other work and scheduled responsibilities.

Sometimes we often try to live by what we think looks good tomorrow, by today’s grace. On a good day when you have an abundance of grace, you may try to extend that grace to tomorrow, or next week, or next month, without having any idea what’s going to happen, and when that time finally comes there may have been all these other things adding up over time and we get overwhelmed because we have overextended ourselves days, weeks, or months before.

So be sure to count the cost, build margins in your life, and when you do become overwhelmed, look for and ask the Prince of Peace to help you.



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