06/29/2021, Tuesday, 05:30, 68F, clear, real clear

15 Pax: Blue Chip, Sleep Number, Doll Face (rspct), Bovine, E-85 (h), Line Dance, Cyclone (rspct), Side Dish (h), Folsom, Buns of Steel, Swinger, Jason Lenagh, Sky Hawk (rspct), Demagorgan, Two Step

Q: Two Step
0530: Q welcomed PAX on the path along the swings of Stinson Park, reminded them of the Fs, stated the mission and listed the “circular” core principles of F3,  and disclaimed his nonprofessional status.

Warm O’ Rama – on rubber tiled flooring around swingset
Tappy Taps
WAIT! FNG identified, and welcomed; Jason Lenagh
Tater Taps
Monkey Humpers
Abe Vigoda Windmills
Overhead Claps
Side Straddle Hop

Mosey: Black Snake Run, in two lines, west along Mercy Rd, then South along bike path under Center St. Overpass, then west along UNO Maintenance Road just south of long, steep hill of Center St. Overpass.

Pre-Thang :
Bernie Sanders up the hill x 2

Mosey, simple, to steps between UNO’s new softball and baseball fields.

Pax paired up.
Dora: merkins x 100, LBC x 200, Air Squats x 300.
Pax completed each set cumulatively. Run = hop up steps, switch legs beginning each of the three stair flights, then run back down the meandering wheelchair ramp and to the base of stairs to relieve partner.

Omaha called at 5:58

Black Snake run, two lines again, back to Stinson Stage.

Post Thang
Same paired partners from Thang
Catch me if you can. One partner runs backward around Stinson Track/Path, Two partner does Five burpees and runs forward to catch partner. Switch Roles. Progress to Shovel Flag

6 M of M
Irish Two Steps, Rancid Style, completed one for each PAX = 15, = new record!

CSAUP this weekend, deets on slack

Prayer Requests:
Folsom’s friend, Jody’s job interviews went well enough that she was hired!
Miami condo disaster, victims, families, community.
FNG’s mother, Barb, mariage struggling.
Two Step’s M’s friend, Jen, in hospice.

Name-o-rama: FNG Jason Lenagh, father of 2, South O, Gross High, “trying to live for others selflessly best i can.” Showed large holo-pectoral tattoo of tiger face with piercing eyes = Kitty Cat – Welcome, Brother!

First time in my experience at F3 that the FNG’s personal story matched the COT. Kudos, Kitty Cat!
Altruism is acting in selfless regard for others. This is a unique characteristic of Humanity. Other animal species may share food with offspring and do other things to help each other out, but they won’t necessarily take actions that may be directly harmful to themselves for the sake of others. It is something we all have a chance to do in F3. Just the act of getting out of our fartsack to share the gloom and help brothers be accountable to each other is altruistic. More fundamentally, our third F, faith, which can have many forms, at its most basic, requires a HIM to give of himself to others. The idea is that you must have faith that sacrificing yourself for the betterment of another is the right thing to do.
It had been a pretty thorough beatdown and i was getting kinda long winded, and winded even, so i left a couple of other items out, but just want to include here for completeness and maybe I’ll come back to these on another date, but:

In January 40 years ago, Air Florida Flight 90 failed takeoff in DC and hit the Arland Williams Jr. bridge and crashed into the potomac. Of seventy-some people on board, six survived the initial crash and were hanging on for life to the tail section of the plane. The only feasible rescue from the icy water was a helicopter. Twice the rescue rope was lowered to Arland Williams Jr and he passed it on to other passengers. By the third attempt, he had succombed to the cold and drowned. The bridge had a different name before that.

Selfishness beats altruism within groups. Altruistic groups beat selfish groups. Everything else is commentary. – David Sloan Wilson

Two Step

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