6/25/21, Golden Spike at Burke HS, Omaha NE 5:30am. 80deg and Humid as hell!!

Q-Honey Stinger

PAX- Big One, Saul, Mother Goose, Room Service, Zebo, Gator, Black Flag, Romeo, FDIC, Bonnie, Drano, Cheap Seats, Doppler, Road House, Blades of Glory, E-85, Super Nasty, Golden Pike

5:30am-Mission statement, core values, greetings and salutations. No FNGs today only seasoned veterans.

The PAX takes a short mosey to midfield to circle up for a fast paced WOR that includes: SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Sun Gods/Calf raises, High Knees, Goof Balls, Tappy Taps, and some yoga poses that had the spines of the PAX in knots! Stinger surprises the PAX by doing a fast transition from yoga to BMWs! (Bobby Hurleys, monkey humpers, werkins-15)

Stinger than leads the PAX through a series of plank isolation exercises that includes, planks, chill cuts, single arm/leg isolation planks, downward dogs, child pose. And this……was still the WOR;)

Stinger leads the PAX to the middle of the track for 30 air squats. The PAX than runs a 100 meters and stops for 15 Squat jumps. 100 meters-20 Carolina DD, 100 meters-15 SSHs IC, 100 meters-15 diamond merkins, 100 meters 15 squat jumps. With the PAX bent over and gasping for air Stinger has the PAX pair up for a two man grinder on the field. The PAX was instructed to perform the following exercises as a team and keep a running count. One team member was instructed to run to midfield and then skip, Bernie sanders, Karaoke, or gallop back to relieve their partner. The following exercises were performed :

Merkins-75, Big Boys-50, jump tucks-50, LCCs IC-50, Carolina DD-50, Monkey humpers 50IC, Flutter kicks-50IC

6:06 Omaha is called and the PAX circles up for 6MM which includes LBCs-12IC, Low Dollys-20, Pickle pushers-10IC, and 19 American hammers to finish it off.

Announcements: Break the Cycle-nice work Panty Hose!!, thanks to all involved and who supported the foundations events, Jeeves and Slow Pitch on the Co-Q next week.

Prayers: that’s between the PAX and the Sky Q


“Not less than 2 hours per day should be devoted to exercise and the weather should be of little regard. If the body be feeble the mind will not be strong” -Thomas Jefferson

-our workouts are just as much about building mental strength as physical. The physical advancements of the PAX sometimes overshadow our mental growth but this is just as much about metal toughness as physical. This is my pep talk to you PAX. If you are coming to these beatdown regularly and grinding through these workouts then to me you are the top 1%. As the top 1% you should be winning and expect to win at whatever you may be doing. Winning at work, home, the physical and mental. Winning overall. We are not “normal” men. We don’t desire to be average, we desire to be well above average. We have every right to be confident, to have some “swagger” in our steps. My ask for you PAX is that you own that swagger and confidence and put it in play. YHC

H.S Stinger

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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