PAX: Squidward, Book Mark, Slappy, MVP, The Vet, The Kid, Hulk, High Life, Ear Tag, Storm Chaser, Sparty, Dutch Prodigy, French Connection, Pool Greek Freak, Firewalker, Stormy, Tinker, Spirit, Grand Slam, Sketch Book,  Reba, Beta Max, Jolly Roger, Round Off, Girl Dad, Scooby Doo, Rooney, Golden Pike, Safe Ride, Fun Dip, Danimal, Ms. Pickles, Switch Foot, Tender Foot, Trench, Bambino, F3 Brownie, Khakis

Q: Gunner

Greeted all Pax and 2.0 right at 7 AM.  I asked if anyone knew what the 3 F stood for and got the right response for the 2.0s.  I stated the F3 Mission Statement to the group and the Injury Disclaimer.  We did have some 2.0 FNGs.  After the Greeting we moseyed to an open field near the Arboretum for Warmarama.

  • 12 IC Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Jump Squats
  • 8 IC Yoga Toe Taps
  • 10 Each Leg – Standing Leg Kicks
  • 8 Dive Bombers

After Warmarama, we had the Dads Count off to form 5 Groups for the 5 separate Pain Stations

The Thang

Station 1 – Exercise island – The Group did these exercises together

  1. 8 ic windmills
  2. 8 ic mountain man poopers
  3. 8 ic sprinklers
  4. 8 ic hairy rockettes
  5. 10 ic goof balls

This Group was the push group

Station 2 – At the Picnic Pavillion      

Big arms work out -find a picnic table

  • 2 dips
  • 10 arm circles
  • 4 dips    
  • 10 arm circles
  • 6 dips
  • 10 arm circles
  • 8 dips
  • 10 arm circles
  • 10 dips  

do as many raise the roof until your group is “push”

Station 3 – Wall sits on the South wall of the Picnic Pavillion

Find a spot on the wall and sit-

take turns counting to 10 while sitting

Perform a total of 30 counts

After 30 perform – 10 i.c. jumping jacks

Rinse and repeat until pushed

Station 4 – In the grass just west of the Picnic Pavillion

start –

  • bear crawl to first cone
  • rabbit hop to second cone
  • crab walk to third cone
  • frog jump to last cone

Perform 10 merkin push-ups and jog to the start and do a second turn

Station 5 – Park bench step ups-

Half the group steps up onto the bench

The other half runs 2 laps around the square  – backwards!

Called Omaha at 7:40 am to do a Post – Thang

Post – Thang

Divided the Pax and 2.0 into 2 groups and each lined up at cones about 100 yards apart for 5 sprint runs.

Groups 1 and 2 started the sprint to other cone. Once at the other cone, Groups 4 & 5 sprinted across the field back to Group 3.

All Groups did 5- 100 yard sprints. Then we all did 10 merkins and did the 5 sprints again.


10 IC Dying Cockroaches

10 IC Freddie Murcuries

10 IC American Hammers

Called final Omaha at 7:52 to perform Group Namaramas

COT – Shared with the group how I still kiss my dad good-night every night because that small, uncomfortable act means a lot to my dad, so I am willing to do that because I love him.

No Announcements and Gunner said the closing prayer.

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